Zero tolerance! Hadise’s video “Sifir Tolerans” deemed too erotic for Turkish TV…and she isn’t happy


She’s the Turkish vixen who swayed her hips to 4th place in 2009 with the infectious, belly-shaking song “Dum Tek Tek” — a number that has endured her to millions in both Turkey and Belgium, where she was born and raised.

Unfortunately it now appears that Hadise has fallen foul of Turkey’s censors, as several TV stations have banned her latest music video to the song “Sifir Tolerans” for being “too erotic”. The song’s translation “Zero Tolerance” seems apt.

Hadise — a modern woman with a booming singing career and numerous high-profile gigs as a television host — isn’t remaining silent. On Thursday the songstress expressed her anger and disappointment on her Twitter page, defending her video and pointing out the ridiculous double standard between male and female stars.

“I received an ‘erotic’ mark on my video, and I won’t have it!” she wrote. “To think: the love of a woman without boundaries is too erotic, and yet male artists can show a woman as some kind of mannequin and not receive an ‘adult’ stamp!”

She’s furious with the morality police and has zero tolerance for this kind of nonsense. At the same time she admits that it’s hard to fight discrimination that’s endured for centuries.

“As a woman, should I submit? NO! Unfortunately, in our country, the separation between men and women is still going strong in the year 2018”.

The video opens with Hadise and her muscle-bound co-star caressing each other in bed. As the video progresses Hadise rubs his rock-hard abs, bathes in sexy lingerie and caresses him yet again (and we can’t blame her for it). But there’s much more to it than that: He seems to struggle with her success, adding another interesting dimension to the video.

Hadise, we are with you girl! In our humble opinion, this video shows nothing but a strong woman, who refuses to be held down or apologize for all she has achieved. And frankly we’ve seen videos way more saucy than this.

But what do YOU think? Is the “Sifir Tolerans” video too much? Or are you cool with the skin-tillating segments? Let us know in the comments box below.

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