Amen, hallelu! Robin Bengtsson oozes church choir soul in new single “Day by Day”


In Kyiv he achieved yet another top five finish for Sweden at Eurovision, singing the uptempo track “I Can’t Go On” while walking on a moving treadmill.

And now the multi-talented Robin Bengtsson is proving his versatility with the tender new single “Day by Day”.

Yes, forget the sexy and mysterious star behind “Dark Angel“. Instead close your eyes and enjoy a sweet ballad with choral arrangements and Mr. Bengtsson working the piano instead of the running machine. To many it will conjure sounds of the American South, where spiritual music frequently has a bluesy edge. And even if you don’t hear that, you may well say, Amen!

Soulful Robin takes us on a meaningful journey about living our life day by day with the ones we love, and embracing both the good and bad moments that come with it. There are no gimmicks here. Just singer, instrument and voice — a lovely grouping that contrasts sharply with the highly produced arrangements he and his Swedish brethren normally serve.

Slay with a banger, slay with a ballad — Sweden’s male sweetheart can do it all. And that includes building on his fierce momentum.

Back in October, Robin was part of two sold out shows in Helsinborg as part of the Väla Fashion Show and in November he opened his first barber shop.

Go to Rusty Rascals and you might actually fall in love with Robin’s new single while getting a nice haircut. Two for the price of one!

“I Can’t Go On” peaked  at number 2 in Iceland and Lithuania and number 3 in Sweden. The official video has almost 13 million views on Youtube, while Robin’s follow-up single “Dark Angel” counts almost half a million streams on Spotify.

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