Operación Triunfo: Amaia, 19, cements her status as OT favourite with stirring “Shake It Out” cover


To many she’s the new Queen of Spain — or as some fans have already named her — Miss Amaia I de España. And now, following a spectacular performance of Florence and The Machine’s “Shake It Out” during OT Gala 9, Amaia really is the favourite to win Operacion Triunfo (and the separate Eurovision gala).

She might be one of the youngest contestants in the competition, but last Tuesday she gave the entire country a warm and confident embrace with her endearing and powerful performance. The timing seemed to be written in the stars, as she also turned 19 that evening. Another year and new-found status as a favourite? Muchas Felicidades amiga!

Amaia – “Shake It Out” live at OT 2017

Like a true explosion, Amaia’s performance was a sight to see — but its real power came from what it made people feel.

The birthday girl looked every inch the star, slipping into a white and gold sequein dress that skimmed her thighs and shimmered in the warm spotlight. Behind her a series of dancers held gorgeous orbs, adding extra magic to the on-point performance.

Impressed with her voice, her presence and the staging, the judges deemed it the “best performance of the season” — and sweet-faced Amaia could barely believe it.

The audience rose to their feet, and so did multi-talented singer Miss Diva Monica Naranjo.

Amaia has demonstrated major evolution during the show and “Shake It Out” came at just the right moment, as we move closer to reaching the final 5 who will compete for the right to sing at Eurovision.

Her take on Florence and The Machine hit #1 on iTunes Spain (moving past Ed Sheeran, Pablo López and Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato). It’s already passed 1.4 million views on Youtube — and will continue to club in the days ahead.

Reactions of Amaia’s “Shake It Out”

From Bulgaria to Spain, OT fans sounded off within seconds of the performance on social media.

Several celebrities and other well-known faces wanted to congratulate Amaia for her successful and iconic performance. These included the Spanish Eurovision stars Rosa (ESC 2002), Beth (ESC 2003), Soraya (ESC 2009), Barei (ESC 2016) and Manel Navarro (ESC 2017).

How beautiful you sing Amaia. Congratulations on my part and I wish you all the success in the world

AMAIA is playing in another league. Amazing!

Amaia! You have just won your place in the final. This is the Amaia who will win OT 2017 and the one that should go to Eurovision. Welcome NEW AMAIA!

VERY STUNNING today’s performance from Amaia! Goosebumps! How amazing your 19th felt! SUBLIME

In shock with Amaia’s performance. Another level.

But not only the Spanish stars reacted. Vasil Ivanov — Head of Press for Bulgaria at Eurovision — reacted too:

The Academy’s teachers and Monica Naranjo also sent their love and support after experiencing the power of Amaia.

SPEC TAC U LAR. WHAT POWER. She’s tremendous

Amaia. Story of Spain

I’ve just seen one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen on television in our country. Amaia. Thank you.

Tonight’s Amaia performance has just been TREMENDOUS!

Can Amaia really win OT 2017 and represent Spain?

With her sweet voice and charming personality, Amaia has the attributes to win the whole thing.

Throughout the competition she’s absolutely slayed every single performance technically. In fact, the Academy teachers only noticed minute technical problems in her latest performance of “Shake it Out” — which, at the same time, was the performance of her life.

As the only contestant who hasn’t been nominated yet (since Gala 1), and as the singer most supported by fans (having been the favourite of the week on three occasions), she’s more than ready to win. Power to the Queen!

Salvador Sobral’s victory at Eurovision is already inspiring artists to embrace their authenticity. And Amaia could fit the trend in Lisbon by showing her peculiar (and delightful) tone. Surely the judges know that — and will assign her a song that works with all she’s got to offer.

Her greatest challengers in OT appear to be Aitana, Agoney and Ana Guerra, all of whom are creating a buzz among Eurofans.

Who are the OT contestants’ favourites to represent Spain in Lisbon?

RTVE asked them. They answered!

In a stream before OT Gala 9, several contestants who have been cut from the show spoke with RTVE about Eurovision. They revealed who they want to represent Spain at Eurovision and even offered their own theories on why Portugal is no longer giving us their 12 points. Drama served!

Ricky explained that if both France and Portugal are not voting for Spain so frequently, then maybe we’re doing something wrong. Others joked that Spain was in desperate need of a fan.

While choosing who they want to represent Spain in Lisbon, they all agreed with the same contestant: Agoney! Even if Mimi dreamed about Alfred and Amaia together as a duet, she also supported Agoney as the right contestant to go. Mireya also suggested Aitana.

All of them told RTVE that Agoney is dreaming about Eurovision and that they want someone as enthusiastic about the idea as him to represent Spain. But interestingly, they also added that they would like an electronic song for him.

However, Agoney is nominated this week against Nerea to leave the competition. May the best act win…

Inside the academy there are plenty of opinions, too.

Even if Aitana is a little bit scared about the idea, everyone screamed YAS to Eurovision. Agoney thinks that all 16 of the candidates should have had the opportunity for Eurovision: “I know some of them would have loved to go to Eurovision too.” They all agreed that Ricky and Mimi would have been good choices.

When talking about the idea of assigning everyone an already made song, Alfred wasn’t so thrilled: “I think it would have been lovely if we could have collaborated in composing the song,” he said.

If you have your favourite, don’t forget to vote in our poll!

Will Amaia be able to win OT and the Eurovision ticket to Lisbon? Would you like Amaia to represent Spain with a “Shake It Out” type of song? And if not, who would you choose to represent the Iberian nation? Share all your thoughts in the comments section below!


Photo: GTRES