Armenia: Drag queen Kamil drops details of Depi Evratesil entry…and trash talks competitors


The second edition of Depi Evratesil is upon us, with 20 hopefuls vying for the chance to represent Armenia in Lisbon. Among the competing acts are Genealogy alum Tamar Kaprelian and Depi Evratesil 2017 fan favourite Asmik Shiroyan. However, drag queen and blogger Kamil has issued a warning to her fellow competitors — she’s here to win!

Speaking in an interview on the television programme Lav Ereko, Kamil was not afraid to trash talk her fellow competitors. She told the hosts that her opponents stand no chance of beating her. When asked about their chances, she responded by saying that she could not picture the words ‘other competitors’ and ‘chances’ in the same sentence. She warns her fellow competitors to get ready.

You can watch the full interview in Armenian from 3:27 below.

Kamil also dropped some interesting information about her Eurovision entry. She revealed that her song will be in Spanish and confirmed that she will be receiving 12 points from Spain. This is despite the fact that she doesn’t speak Spanish, revealing that “I only think in Spanish”. She also confirmed that the song will be about going to Puerto Rico, laying on the beach and drinking mojitos. She explained that the song celebrates all of her favourite things — sun, sand, alcohol and Ricky Martin.

The hosts asked a confident Kamil how she would feel if she didn’t win the ticket to Eurovision 2018. Kamil revealed that if she lost Depi Evratesil, she would be very happy because many people will likely be very happy that she lost.

Kamil is originally a blogger with many videos on YouTube and Armenian television. She has recently expanded her repertoire into singing, partnering with Armenian singer Lilit Hovhannisyan for a fun and upbeat duet “Chkites Honqerd” (“Don’t frown”).

We are falling in love with Kamil’s big personality and if she does win as she predicts, we can’t wait to see her personality shine in Lisbon. She would certainly be a bold choice for Armenia and sending a song in a language other than English or Armenian would be a first for the country.

What do you think of Kamil’s bold statements? Should Armenia send Kamil to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below.

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