It’s a date! Spain’s OT Eurovision gala set for Monday 29 January


In December Spain confirmed that Operación Triunfo will serve as their Eurovision 2018 selection…and followed that up with the news that the five competing artists will each sing totally and 100% in Spanish. ¡Bravo!

Now the Spanish broadcaster RTVE has finally confirmed the date of the Eurovision Gala — and it’s coming very soon. Spain’s National Final will be held on Monday 29 January.

In contrast with what happened last year with Objetivo Eurovision, the official date isn’t so busy for Eurofans. The Spanish selection will come one day after the second semi-final of Romania’s Selectia Nationala.

The Eurovision Gala will work as any other Operación Triunfo show…so expect a late one. The final will begin at 22:35 CET.

Eurovision Gala: confirmed details

The five finalists will be selected during the OT Gala on January 22.

The songs — as seen in all previous OT shows — will be assigned the day after the gala. That means we’ll have the songs on January 23. Tinet Rubira —  the music director of Gestmusic — has already revealed the juice that all of the songs are in Spanish and written by a “prestigious” songwriter.

The contestants will have one week to prepare their songs for the final. The Academy teachers will help them during the week, as always, but they’ll also receive assistance from the composers and songwriters. Love unites us all…and hopefully it will give them the confidence to own their songs.

The public will choose the winner on its own (and without a potentially controversial jury).

The academy’s teachers will decide which song each finalist will sing, based on which one best fits with each candidate’s characteristics. Although the Eurovision selection will occur through OT, it is not the grand prize of the show. In fact, the Eurovision gala night will occur before the final of OT. And this final will feature the same five finalists — and is predicted to be held a week later on February 5.

OT 2017 success

Another gala, another hit.

RTVE’s OT 2017 reached an important milestone yesterday by drawing 2.6 million viewers and a 19.5% share of the TV viewing audience. But that’s not all: OT is also the most-talked about show every Monday night on Twitter. It’s clear that the show has established an emotional bond with the audience. But most importantly, it has awakened Spaniards desire for music.

Eurofans are no doubt hoping that Operación Triunfo can take Spain back to the top again.

From 2002 to 2004, OT was the country’s selection method and resulted in three solid years of top-ten finishes for Spain. This included Rosa López’s iconic “Europe’s Living a Celebration”, which placed 7th in 2002.

“[It is a] successful format that recalls and recovers the spirit of the first edition of the talent show with which Rosa López obtained 7th place in [Eurovision 2002],” RTVE has said.

OT 2017 Gala 10

From eight to seven contestants, Nerea said goodbye to the Academy after losing against Agoney, who claimed 53% of votes. Performing legendary songs from Queen and Beyonce, they served pure drop-mic and walk off the stage realness. YAS!

While Amaia keeps surprising everyone with her natural talent, Aitana and Agoney are also building support for Eurovision. We still don’t know the songs, but if you already have a favourite, don’t forget to vote in our poll.

Sassy Spanish sensation Ana War faces off against Roi in this week’s elimination. May the best act win!

What do you think of Spain’s national final? Are you happy that OT 2017 is serving as their Eurovision 2018 selection? And do you have any favourites yet? Tell us in the comment section below.