Q&A: Angelika Pushnova talks “Fighting for Love”….as Belarus streams national final auditions


Last year she won over plenty of new fans with her dance banger “We Should Be Together”. And today, as part of Belarus’ live auditions for its Eurovision 2018 national selection, Angelika Pushnova hopes those fans will still be with her.

The Belarusian beauty will sing “Fighting for Love” — another uptempo song that showcases her skill within the euro-dance genre. It’s a feel good number with an important message of standing up and speaking out. As she sings: “Every word that I speak, even when it’s tender, is an act of war. Cause I’m strong for the weak and I don’t surrender.” In a post-Weinstein world her song could very well become an anthem for everyone ready to right the many wrongs around us.

Angelika has worked with an all-star team on the song.

Vladimir Graic, who composed Eurovision 2007 winner “Molitva”, oversaw the music, while Charlie Mason — the lyricist behind 2014 winner “Rise Like A Phoenix” — took care of the words.

You can watch Belarus’ live auditions from 12:00 Minsk time (09:00 London / 10:00 Paris) on the BTRC web site. But before you do be sure to check out what Angelika had to say to wiwibloggs on the eve of the competition.

Angelika Pushnova interview

What made you choose “Fighting for Love”? What about it do you love?

When I first heard this song, I realized that I want to fulfil it. I have something to say. And this song — this is not the literal meaning of the words “Fighting for Love.” The song is about being a force for change, about standing up for love, kindness, humanity above all else and going for our dreams. If ever the world needed heroes, it is now. This song is an invitation to us all to be the heroes we — and generations to come — so desperately need.

For the second year in a row you’re competing with an upbeat dance song. Does the dance genre fit your personality better than a ballad?

I like ballads and dance hits. But just such — uptempo dance melodies — are the most suitable for this contest and can reveal me.

You’ve worked with Eurovision-winning songwriter Charlie Mason on the track. What was that like?

Perfect! I am happy to meet this incredibly kind and talented person. He is a professional. He helps me for the past few months. Text, message, pronunciation, advice — thanks!

Do you have any idea what you’ll wear in the national final? How will you stage your number?

First, I need to get to the finals! Well, about the number — there are ideas, but so far it’s all a secret. I’m sure it will be something spectacular!

After Naviband made it to the final with a Belarusian language song, were you tempted to sing in Belarusian too?

No, as it can be understood. I love our language. But I can not imagine it at Eurovision yet.

We know you from last year’s national selection, so you’re clearly very passionate about Eurovision. How long have you been a fan?

I always followed this contest — for children and adults. I remember that I never missed this show. I watched, worried about compatriots and dreamed to get acquainted and sing with the participants.

What’s your favourite Belarusian Eurovision entry?

Dima Koldun. Powerful voice and exciting performance.

The Ukrainian singer Alekseev has announced he will compete in Belarus’ Eurovision selection. Do you think artists from outside Belarus should be able to compete in Belarus?

Why not? This practice exists in many countries. But I certainly would like to see our country represented by a Belarusian.

What’s your proudest achievement as a musician so far?

I sang songs, and they are popular with people. Voices and feedback from spectators last year in the final of selection — that’s why I want to work more and better.

Do you have a message for all of your fans on wiwibloggs.com?

Thank you for believing in me even when I doubt my abilities! I’m happy to sing this song! I want you to hear me, go to your dream and become heroes.