Salvador Sobral leaves hospital…and team promises imminent news on return to stage


In 2017 Salvador Sobral won Eurovision while simultaneously dealing with public chatter about his very personal health issues.

But with the new year comes a fresh start and new beginnings — all of which has been amplified by today’s news that the jazz star has finally left the hospital.

“It’s with great satisfaction that we share with you that Salvador was released from the hospital yesterday, January 11,” his team wrote in a statement posted on Instagram.

“The singer made a good recovery without complications. As usual, with transplants post-surgery, there’s still a restriction on exposure to a lot of people. We thank you already for respecting Salvador’s space. Let’s avoid hugging. He already feels embraced by everyone. Soon we will have news on his return to the stage. Thank you for your kindness and understanding.”

Salvador’s release is a welcome coda to the December 9 news that he had undergone a successful heart transplant.

But, as his team expressed in their message above, the period immediately after the transplant is sensitive and critical, and he and his team have had to take great care to let him fully heal as his body accepts the new organ.

His release suggests he has overcome the most major hurdles and that his future will be both healthy and bright.

During a December 9 press conference, held at the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental (West Lisbon Hospital Centre), one of Salvador’s doctors praised his patience and courage, saying that he was “alright”, while another said that he was “very cheerful” following the procedure.

Ahead of the operation Salvador requested that doctors play classical music — presumably to help calm any nerves he may have had.

A heart for Salvador: Sobral undergoes successful transplant surgery in Lisbon

On September 9, the “Amar pelos dois” singer officially stepped away from the limelight, giving an emotional farewell concert ahead of his temporary career hiatus.

Performing at the Jardins do Casino Estoril, as part of the International Festival of Culture, the quirky star sang his most beloved songs, including “Excuse Me”, “Change” and “Nada Que Esperar”.

Later that month he entered Lisbon’s Santa Cruz Hospital where he was under the observation of a skilled team of doctors who specialise in heart-related issues.

The Portuguese broadcaster RTP recently celebrated Salvador’s Eurovision win with a touching two-part documentary, that followed him from the start of Festival da Cancao all the way to the aftermath of his Eurovision win.

At one point Salvador described the overwhelming moment when he knew he had won, and how he struggled to find the words to express his emotion.

“There were like 40 meters to get to the stage,” he said laughing, “and I’m thinking: What am I going to say? I knew there was a speech.”

“If I had a speech prepared it could have been more serious. It could have had more meaning, I could have been a bit more coherent. But it was a strong, emotional moment. You want to say everything. I don’t know. It came out like that. Truly, it came out of the depth of my soul, because of everything I was feeling that week.”

We’re sending Salvador and his family all our very best wishes as he continues to heal. We look forward to seeing him perform again live very soon!