Operación Triunfo: First four Eurovision candidates will be known on Monday


Being an Operación Triunfo fan is an emotional rollercoaster. One day RTVE is teasing you with Amaia and Alfred being selected together for Lisbon, then the next day they dispel that illusion by confirming (finally!) how the Eurovision candidates will be selected. This is too intense even for the Spanish Eurovision fan standard.

There are four Operación Triunfo shows left until the series grand final on February 5. We already knew that the Eurovision show would be held on January 29. But until now, we thought we wouldn’t discover who the five Eurovision candidates were until the previous week, on the 22nd.

On Friday, RTVE announced that the four first finalists (and hence, Eurovision candidates) will be known this coming Monday. The show will change its usual format and it will no longer feature nominations.

Amaia – “Soñar contigo” at OT show 10

So here’s the plan of the evening: After all the acts have performed, the public will decide who stays of the two nominated acts: Ana Guerra or Roi. After that, we’ll have six contestants remaining.

Then, the jury will give marks to the contestants, and the three with the highest marks will become the finalists. The fourth finalist will be the teacher’s choice between the three people with the lowest score.

That means four people between Agoney, Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Miriam and either Ana Guerra or Roi will be the first official candidates to represent Spain in Lisbon.

Ana Guerra – “La negra tiene tumbao” at OT show 10

The public will decide which one of the remaining two will make the final on show 12 (January 22). And then, on the 23rd, we (and the contestants) will finally get to know the songs. Not so complicated, eh?

Now you know how this works, we want your opinion. Which four contestants should be the first finalists of Operación Triunfo? Given only four acts will qualify, we’ve limited this poll’s vote to four choices.

What do you think of next Monday’s show? Do you think your favourites will make it to the final? Who won’t survive until the Eurovision show? Who do you want to go to Lisbon? Tell us in the comment section below!


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