Moldova: Just 28 songs for O melodie pentru Europa as submissions close


Hey Mamma! After the humongous success of the beloved band SunStroke Project, who deservedly scored third place on their comeback at Eurovision 2017, many expected to see a tidal wave of song submissions for O melodie pentru Europa 2018. However, the trio’s victory did not have the desired effect, with only 28 songs entered in the competition for Moldova‘s ticket to Lisbon. That’s not a typo, it’s twenty-eight songs.

Public broadcaster TRM announced today that 28 acts entered Moldova’s national selection for Eurovision 2018. Given the fact that it’s one of the smallest countries in the contest, this should not come as a surprise. And anyway, given Moldova’s track record in the contest, it’s quality they’re always giving.

The lower than expected turnout may also be caused by the fact that international acts must team up with a Moldovan band or singer in order to be eligible, as rules clearly state that foreign artists are allowed to enter, so long as they do not exceed 50% of the act on stage. Moreover, artists are not allowed to have entered their song(s) in other national selections for Eurovision. So no 1in360 dropouts, for instance.

The 28 acts and their songs are:

Sasha Bognibov Love
Anna Timofei Endlessly
Che MD Inima-n stinga
Codreanu Maria Zambeste soarelui
Ruslan Taranu Come to life
Doinita Gherman Dance in flames
Sandy C & Aaron Sibley Once Upon a Time
Tolik Glass
Dima Gaitur Ona maya
Vera Turcanu Black Heart
Formatia 5 Stele Maldavian dance
Tudor Bumbac Numai pentru tine
DoReDoS My lucky day
Bostan Fratica
Felicia Dunaf Alien
Nicoleta Sava Esencia  del Sur
Lavinia Rusu Altundeva
Marina Cudalb Bianco  e nero
Denny Feyton Maybe it’s love
Laura Bagrii Da Bucuriei
Anna Odobescu Agony
Ilia Sorocean & Dasha DaGro Minds & Veins
Bella Luna Moments
Pelageya Stefoglo Let’s start together right now
Shvets The world
Saidy Beauty song
Cobilean Constantin Numai Tu
Viorela The gates of love

We already knew that Sasha Bognibov entered a song called “Love”. The relentless singer, who marks his 12th national final participation with his 19th entry, hopes that 2018 will be his year.

However, over the past week we learnt that the mighty Philipp Kirkorov teamed up with DoReDos, and we wouldn’t be surprised if 2018 were their year. The title of their song “My Lucky Day” already sounds like a winner!

We’re happy to see other familiar names, like Felicia Dunaf, Doinita Gherman, Che MD, and Sandy C, and an (literally) old favourite — Tudor Bumbac. Bring on the live auditions!

At the live auditions in front of the jury, 16 songs will be selected for the semi-final, to be held on 22 February. Ten songs will make the National Final, to be held two days later, on 24 February.

The jury will be revealed at the National Final. At the semi-final 50% of the decision regarding the 10 finalists will be made by the jury, and 50% by the viewers via televote. The same method will be used in the national final to decide the winner of O melodie pentru Europa 2018.

Like last year, viewers will only be allowed to vote from one phone number once per song, in order to avoid vote corruption, although they will be allowed to vote for as many songs as they wish. The winner will go on to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

Back in May 2017, SunStroke Project scored Moldova’s best record at Eurovision — third place — with their engaging song and passionate performance “Hey Mamma”. Their victory came after three years when Moldova failed to qualify for the Grand Final, which made it all even more exciting.

Who do you think should represent Moldova at Eurovision? Does the small Eastern European country have what it takes to win the contest one day? Sound off in the comments!