LISTEN: TRM unveils all 28 songs in Moldova’s national selection O melodie pentru Europa 2018


On Monday, Moldova‘s broadcaster TRM revealed that only 28 acts had submitted songs for O melodie pentru Europa, the national selection for Eurovision. And today the 28 songs were made public on the company’s website. We’re breaking them down for you.

Despite its lowest turnout ever, Moldova doesn’t fret and marches confidently on. After all, last year it had just 40 songs in competition, but the country triumphed in Kyiv, where SunStroke Project won bronze — and our hearts, once again — with their engaging performance of “Hey Mamma”.

Given that success, many expected a lot more submissions this year, but TRM producer Teodor Gutu explained, during a televised interview for Moldova 1, that artists must have felt overwhelmed, rather than encouraged by Moldova’s high placement in Kyiv. Mr. Gutu, who is also a member of the organising committee for O melodie pentru Europa 2018, opined:

After SunStroke Project’s result, many artists were fearful to try this year. Well-known singers who have a reputation to defend would not be brave enough to take a chance, because SunStroke Project are difficult to top.

He also announced that the low number of acts in the selection might become lower still, as the organising committee is currently in the process of reviewing the candidates and eliminating those who are breaking the rules. Such would be the case of Pelageya Stefoglo, who also entered her song “Let’s Start Together Right Now” in the Belarussian selection.

And Moldova’s 28 songs are…

But who are the candidates? Today, as a sign of transparency, TRM has published the 28 songs on YouTube. You can listen to them all in this playlist:

Out of the 28 songs, 15 are uptempo and 13 are ballads, which would make it an even plainfield with Pelageya’s elimination. Upbeat songs include, of course, DoReDos “My Lucky Day”, but also O melodie pentru Europa veterans Doinita Gherman, Che MD, Felicia Dunaf, and Tudor Bumbac‘s songs — although their quality varies tremendously, from very good to downright ridiculous.

Most ballads are largely forgettable, with a few notable exceptions: Sandy C‘s duet with British singer Aaron Sibley, Anna Timofei‘s ballad “Endlessly”, written by Swedish duo Ylva and Linda, Bostan‘s philosophical “Fratica” (Bro) and Sasha Bognibov‘s anthemic rock love song.

Teodor Gutu also explained, during the same interview, that due to the low turnout, the organising committee and the jury may have to decide for a lower number of entries in the sole semi-final on 22 February, when 16 songs were expected to compete for the ten places in the National Final on 24 February. A date for the live auditions is also yet to be decided. So stay tuned, because Moldova’s still working on O melodie pentru Europa 2018.

Which of the 28 songs do you think should make the semi-final? Who are your favourite acts and who do you think will win Moldova’s ticket to Portugal? Let us know in the comments!