From running on air in Kyiv, to giving us some good vibes for the summer, charmingly earnest Austrian singer Nathan Trent is going from strength to strength. Fresh from his remixed collaboration with JOWST, Nathan’s cranking out another collaboration – this time with Poptracker.

“Won’t Let You Go” melds electro pop with soft-rock, delivering yet another side to the multi-faceted Nathan. Poptracker, who had a hit last year with their song “Hold”, has created an arrangement which is upbeat yet impactful, grabbing the listener’s attention and getting them toe-tapping.

And safe to say, it fits well within Nathan’s artistic palette. His vocals are unmistakably flawless and full of life, with more of a smooth and jazzy enunciation that would fit perfectly on a Maroon 5 album.

Nathan recorded an intimate live stream of his reaction to the song’s first radio play, bopping along nervously and wincing and clutching his hair in anticipation as hundreds of fans showed their love for the track.

It all seemed like smooth sailing – until the track suddenly stopped. Our hearts jumped into our throats as Nathan freaked out on camera, clicking vigorously. But – always the consummate professional — he got it going again seconds later and our fears were availed. Pheww!

Watch the hilarious clip below from 2:10.

Fans have been treated to a Merry Trent-mas of news this week — following fellow Eurovision representative JOWST’s remix of Nathan’s summer hit “Good Vibes”, the Austrian crooner has also announced plans to release an EP with five new songs in the European springtime.

To cap it off, Nathan will be returning to perform at Life Ball 2018 in June. 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the famed Viennese event, aimed at supporting people living with HIV or AIDS, and will be themed on the legendary film ‘The Sound of Music’.

All aboard Captain von Trent!

What do you think of Nathan’s recent collaborations? Would you like to see more? Let us know in the comments below!

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LOVE the song!!!

Michael Adam

Ok not a whole lot happened here actually. But I love his happiness and the song sounds uplifting!

Pastora Soler haha!

I’m sorry but this is a horrible old fashioned song…


Great guy, great song!?


I was hoping for a bigger reaction to the music stopping… The song is great though