Remember this? JOWST’s new “Grab The Moment” video goes behind-the-scenes of ESC promo tour


Last year he gave Norway its 22nd top 10 placing. Now Norway’s JOWST has released a new video for his Eurovision entry “Grab the Moment”.

Even though it’s already 2018 the Norwegian producer and DJ released the video for his 2017 Eurovision entry earlier this month. But to be fair his entry — performed by vocalist Aleksander Walmann — already had a video. But this new one drips with nostalgia and New Year’s Eve related reminiscence.

And if you like trotting down memory lane this video will surely be a treat for you.

“Grab the Moment” – JOWST (2017 tour music video)

In the new video you can see footage from JOWST’s tour around Europe associated with the their Eurovision participation. The most noticeable events and places you will recognise are Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam and Israel Calling in Tel Aviv.

The video not only contains footage from JOWST’s concerts and various interviews, but also JOWST and Aleksander’s interactions with fellow Eurovision contestants like Belarus’ NaviBand, Denmark’s Anja Niessen, Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov, Sweden’s Robin Bengtson and San Marino’s Jimmy Wilson.

Not only is the video a great documentation of JOWST’s Eurovision adventure, it is also confirmation that Joakim With Steen and Aleksander know how to have fun and do not take themselves too seriously. It even shows a glimpse of the Norwegians’ sightseeing tours…replete with selfies!

Clearly all those good times have the guys hungry for more. Last week NRK confirmed that Aleksander will compete in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix with “Talk to the Hand” — another collaboration with JOWST.

What do you think of the video? Do you get nostalgic watching it? Tell us in the comments box below. 

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