POLL: Who should win Semi-final 2 of Selectia Nationala 2018?


Semi-final 1 of Romania‘s Selectia Nationala came and went this weekend, and we now have the first three finalists. We move on to Semi-final 2, which will take place this coming Sunday. Before the judges decide who should qualify, we’re asking you: who should advance to the National Final?

After our readers correctly predicted that Alexia & Matei would be the winners of the first semi-final, and we are very curious to see if your flair proves right once again.

The second semi-final will be broadcast on Sunday from Timisoara, a major city located in western Romania. The chosen venue is Sala 2 of the National Theatre. Timisoara is known as the birth place of the 1989 Revolution, but also as the first European city with with electric lighting on the streets. So Timisoara is lit, but how are our 12 contestants? We invite you to watch their performances at the live auditions and then vote in our poll below!

Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago – “Auzi cum bate” (Hear It Beating)

Alessandro Danescu – “Breaking Up”

Meriem – “End The Battle”

M I H A I – “Heaven”

Jessie Banes – “Lightning Strikes”

Romeo Zaharia – “Maybe This Time”

Performance starts at the 15:15 mark

Othello – “Noi suntem padure” (We Are Forest)

Miruna Diaconescu – “Run For You”

Performance starts at the 34:22 mark

Serena – “Safari”

Pragu’ De Sus – “Te voi chema” (I Shall Call You)

Endless feat. Maria Grosu – “Thinking About You”

Rafael & Andy – “We Are One”

The biggest name on this list is, of course, M I H A I. “Heaven” marks Mihai Traistariu’s newest attempt to represent Romania at Eurovision again, after finishing in fourth position with “Tornero” in Athens back in 2006.

Fans of Selectia Nationala might also remember Jukebox, who entered the national selection in 2016 with “Come On Everybody”. They packed their bags after the semi-final — will they be able to convince the jury this time around?

Serena’s “Safari” is well hyped by the fans, despite her less than perfect live audition. Will she be able to step it up at the semi-final and prove that she has what it’s got to? We’ll find out on Sunday!

Until then, you have the chance to choose your finalists right here and now. You can vote for as many acts as you want, but you can only do it once, so make it count!

We will reveal your top picks on Sunday, before the second semi-final of Selectia Nationala 2018 is aired, so make sure you cast your vote before Sunday morning at 11:00 CET.

After you vote, please feel free to defend your choice in the comments section below!