Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef wins Eurovision Song CZ with “Lie to Me”


This ain’t no lie! The Czech Republic has found their act for Eurovision 2018. After winning the jury vote last week, it seemed likely that Mikolas Josef was on his way to victory.

Tonight, in a low-key announcement on the Czech news, the final result was revealed. Mikolas Josef will go to Lisbon with “Lie to Me”!

Mikolas’ victory is perhaps not too surprising. Not only did he top the international jury vote, but he also handily won with our Wiwi Jury.

He also crushed the competition in our Eurovision Song CZ poll. He received nearly 53% of the total vote, with 1,379 of you voting for him.

In our interview with Mikolas, he says that “Lie to Me” is “about hard times that you’re going through and not getting swallowed by the negativity”. He also says that some of the suggestive lyrics can be interpreted “any way you want”.

Mikolas Josef — “Lie to Me” interview

Mikolas has been on the radar for the Czech Republic for some time now. He was in talks to represent the country last year, but turned the offer down after being told he would have to sing “My Turn” (later performed by Martina Barta).

He explained to us why he rejected the song: “I didn’t really connect with the song. When they contacted me and asked me to put some vocals on the song I said, ‘I don’t think I would be comfortable with this because it’s not really a reflection of myself.’” That’s some artistic integrity, y’all!

As revealed earlier today, Mikolas will sing “Lie to Me” in the first half of the first semi-final, on May 8.

What do you think of “Lie to Me”? Do you think that Mikolas can bring the Czech Republic to the final for only the second time? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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