Watch: Iceland’s Svala spikes up in Blissful’s new video “Find a way”


She represented her native country Iceland as a solo artist in Kyiv 2017. Now, Svala has released a new video with her band Blissful – a collaboration with her husband – to the song “Find a Way”.

According to Svala the song is about the feeling of being trapped between two worlds and facing death itself. The song was written about a real-life experience when Svala and her husband were in a lifethreatening car accident in Iceland in 2008.

Both were in critical condition for some time, the accident could have been fatal. But both fought through and survived, like we all know today.

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“Find a Way” is a mid-tempo pop song with an electronic undertone — we can certainly see it fitting in well on a chillout playlist.

The video was shot in Iceland and sports some very artsy landscape shots (and of course, Svala herself). Among locations you get to see are a race track, a junk yard, pedestrian tunnels and a suburban mini mall.

Those shots tie in well with the song’s lyrics. Svala says she wants to escape, so we see a shot of her in a race car. She feels trapped: a group of people surround her in a tunnel. Maybe the mini mall represents her secret place? There’s a lot of meaning to work out here, y’all!

And guess what, the white Buffalo shoes are back. Those sure are some resilient shoes!

Blissful – “Find a way” (Official video)


In the video, Svala sports a unique mask that is in fact made of thumbtacks. The mask represents a “shield”, to protect oneself from the negative energy that flows around and can hit a person hard. Svala says herself: “We all put up a mask to protect ourselves from bad energy. This one has spikes and is therefore extra strong!”

The thumbtacks were individually glued to Svala’s face – which took 4 hours to do – and she had to wear it for 8 hours straight while shooting the video. With the mask on, she couldn’t move her face too much and was rather glad when she could take everything off – which took another 3 hours.

But like Svala said herself: “When I get an idea I do it, for art’s sake”.

What do you think of the song and video? Would you maybe like a mask made of thumbtacks? Tell us in the comments below.

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