Christabelle wins Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with “Taboo”


Brooke brought a pack of wolves, Eleanor Cassar brought us back to life and Lawrence Gray was a love renegade. But when all was said and done, it was Christabelle who won Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018, with “Taboo”.

Christabelle wins on her fourth attempt at representing Malta. After finishing second in 2015 and fourth in 2016, many fans have always seen her time to represent Malta as an inevitability. Well tonight, that came true!

Christabelle — “Taboo”

Christabelle — “Taboo”: INTERVIEW

Some of the acts went all out on their staging. Christabelle was certainly no exception. Telling the song’s message through a mix of props, graphics and dancers, it was effective and powerful. The crowd went wild throughout the performance, easily giving Christabelle the loudest applause of the night.

Tonight’s result was decided by a split of 50% televote and 50% jury vote. Christabelle first swept the jury with a perfect 60 points, scoring the 12 from each juror. She then won the televote, with 73 points, giving her an insurmountable total of 133!.

Richard & Joe Micallef pushed her close in the televote, ultimately finishing second. And it’s another year of being so close, yet so far for Brooke. She finished third with 84 points.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 — Jury 12 points

Iceland: Regina Osk – Christabelle, “Taboo”
Czech Republic: Jan Bors – Christabelle, “Taboo”
Albania: Kleart Duraj — Christabelle, “Taboo”
FYR Macedonia: Meri Popova — Christabelle, “Taboo”
Italy: Bruno Santori — Christabelle, “Taboo”

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 — Public vote

malta eurovision song contest 2018 televote

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Final Poisitions

  1. Christabelle — “Taboo”: 133pts
  2. Richard & Joe Micallef — “Song for Dad”: 98pts
  3. Brooke — “Heart of Gold”: 84pts
  4. Aidan — “Dai Laga”: 42pts
  5. Eleanor Cassar — “Back to Life”: 36pts
  6. Petra — “Evolution”: 33pts
  7. Matthew Anthony — “Call 2morrow”: 32pts
  8. Jasmine Abela — “Supernovas”: 31pts
  9. Avenue Sky — “We Can Run”: 16pts
  10. Dwett — “Breaking Point”: 15pts
  11. Rhiannon — “Beyond Blue Horizons”: 14pts
  12. Miriana Conte — “Rocket”: 14pts
  13. Deborah C — “Turn It Up”: 13pts
  14. Tiziana — “First Time”: 12pts
  15. Lawrence Gray — “Love Renegade”: 7pts
  16. Danica Muscat — “One Step at a Time”: 3pts

Tonight’s final opened with Claudia Faniello reprising her Eurovision 2017 entry, “Breathlessly”. Claudia also joined in with the interval act, which also saw a special appearance by Malta’s Junior Eurovision 2017 contest, Gianluca Cilli!

What do you think of the result? Do you think Malta has made the right decision with Christabelle? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section!

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