Wiwi Jury: Brooke is our favourite to win Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with “Heart of Gold”


Malta makes its decision for Eurovision 2018 tonight, in the final of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018. 16 acts will take to the stage in hopes of making it to Lisbon. But only one can win – and our Wiwi Jury has been trying to work out who that could be.

Over the last three weeks, our team of music un-professionals has been reviewing each entry. With all the acts having been reviewed, the Wiwi Jury has placed Brooke at the top of their rankings, with her entry “Heart of Gold”!

Brooke scores an overall average rating of 7.6, winning her second Wiwi Jury after triumphing last year too. It’s a little down on her total from 2017, but clearly our Jury thinks it’s definitely her time to go to Eurovision.

You can see all the Wiwi Jury rankings below. Simply click on a song title to find the full review, and see some of the highlights (or lowlights) from the top five as well:

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 — Wiwi Jury Results

1. Brooke – “Heart of Gold” (7.6)

The good: Sure, it’s yet another MESC track with lyrics that make you scratch your head, but Brooke sells every single word with believability. The song’s radio-friendly sound avoids seeming vapid or shallow through its simple, yet empowering message which is all too timely for women today. “Heart of Gold” is truly 24 karat goodness. (Sebastian, 9/10)

The bad: Musically, it’s a decent tune that works with Brooke’s vocal talents, though the millennial whoop feels tired. But wtf is going on what the lyrics? It seems to be taking the tired boyband cliche of “girl, you don’t know you’re beautiful” and flipping it around to woman addressing a man…Brooke wants this obnoxious player to know he’s beautiful on the inside. Beautiful like a pack of wolves. (Robyn, 6/10)

2. Christabelle – “Taboo” (7.3)

The good: Christabelle isn’t just a master of euro-dance — she’s an artist. She may have one voice, but she’s got plenty of tricks as she deploys it across textures, volumes and rhythms, taking us on a proper journey from darkness to light. The production is fierce, but she is fiercer. Amid all the clangs and bangs, her empowering message comes through loud and clear. (William, 9/10)

The bad: After a year out of MESC, there was an air of expectation perhaps about Christabelle’s return. But unfortunately, “Taboo” just doesn’t hit the heights of “Rush” or “Kingdom”. Whilst the message behind the song is worthy, the lyrics used to convey it become a little overly clunky (Chris, 6/10)

3. Richard & Joe Micallef – “Song for Dad” (7.1)

The good: Some people may call “Song For Dad” dated or cheesy. But how often do you see a father-son duo at Eurovision? The whole package is authentic, they have a very good chemistry and if anything, this would stand out on the big stage as well! (Barnabas, 8.5/10)

The bad: Songs between parents and children can be heartwarming, but when the child in question is a fully grown man, it throws things off a touch. Add to that, the folk moment in music happened about five years ago, and that perhaps explains why “Song For Dad” grates so much. (Angus, 2/10)

4. Eleanor Cassar – “Back to Life” (7.0)

The good: Very contemporary and packaged with a sleek beat, “Back to Life” oozes sass and Eleanor delivers the feisty lyrics with gusto. This is a perfect marriage between singer and song and everything works really well here. With a strong revamp, this could do really well at Eurovision. (Antranig, 9.5/10)

The bad: An unfortunate case of a singer who’s much, much better than the song. As with many of the songs in MESC, it feels like “Back to Life” could have been given to just about anyone. Eleanor still shines through, but she could be doing so much more. (Chris, 5.5/10)

5. Jasmine – “Supernovas” (6.6)

The good: Here we go — this is where the competition is! From the very first word Jasmine’s voice shines through and captures your attention. One of the few MESC entries this year with decent lyrics, “Supernova” is heavy-hitting but still builds nicely throughout (and that key change is everything!) (Jonathan, 9/10)

The bad: Aren’t supernovas exploding stars? Then why does this song never reach a climax if it’s called “Supernovas”? This is linear, generic and doesn’t bring much to the table. Jasmine’s got a great voice…but that’s all. And great voices are a given at MESC. (Luis, 3/10)

6. Aidan – “Dai Laga” (5.97)
7. Miriana Conte – “Rocket” (5.90)
8. Deborah C – “Turn It Up” (5.77)
9. Matthew Anthony – “Call 2Morrow” (5.67)
10. Avenue Sky – “We Can Run” (5.53)
11. Rhiannon – “Beyond Blue Horizons” (5.1)
12. Dwett – “Breaking Point” (5.03)
13. Danica Muscat – “One Step at a Time” (5.0)
14. Petra – “Evolution” (4.97)
15. Tiziana – “First Time” (4.47)
16. Lawrence Gray – “Love Renegade” (4.23)

That’s what our jury thinks — but what do you think? We’ll shortly be releasing the results of our MESC 2018 poll as well, to see who y’all picked as your favourite.

Is Brooke your number one as well? Do you think that there could be a shock result tonight? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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