Wiwi Jury results: Zibbz should win Switzerland’s Die Entscheidungsshow 2018 with “Stones”!


In just a few hours, we will know the winner of Switzerland’s Die Entscheidungsshow 2018, and their Eurovision act. The Wiwi Jury – our team of in-house music un-professionals – reviewed all the songs ahead of the show. In the end, the rock edge of Zibbz with “Stones” won our team over, as they received the highest mark in our Wiwi Jury.

It was very close at the top though. Zibbz only triumphed by an average mark of 0.04 — with the top four songs separated by less than 0.9 of a mark. We could be in for a close battle tonight, y’all!

You can check the highlights of our reviews below (as well as some lowlights). Simply click the song title to see the full review:

1. Zibbz – “Stones” (7.79)

The best: Zibbz iz cool — they’ve been knocking around the dirty LA rock scene and bring an edge to their Swiss entry. “Stones” is a solid song, and lead singer Co brings loads of attitude and confidence to her performance. Zibbz seems like an experienced group who wouldn’t feel intimidated by the Altice Arena. Go on, Switzerland. Give them the ticket to Lisbon. (Robyn, 9/10)

The worst: A middle of the road pop-rock effort that borders on annoying with repeat listens. Switzerland needs a revival, but this brother-sister duo are still playing it safe. A warm-up act at best. (Deban, 5/10)

2. Alejandro Reyes – “Compass” (7.75)

The best: It’s difficult not to review this song without referencing Justin Bieber. Alejandro’s song and singing style are clearly inspired by the Canadian megastar, and herein lie both its cons and pros. Cons: it’s not highly original,  it’s un peu passé, and some lyrics are downright dumb. Pros: it’s impeccably produced, it hooks you instantly…and it gets even better with repeat listens. The “Compass” clearly points to Lisbon! (Bogdan, 9/10)

The worst: “Compass” is a song that could easily pass as a song by Ed Sheeran. At the same time, it manages to be the best feature and the biggest flaw with this entry. It is contemporary and well-produced, and sounds like an instant radio hit. However, many viewers might think it sounds a little derivative from a lot of the radio hits from last year. (Jovana, 7/10)

3. Vanessa Iraci – “Redlights” (7.11)

The best: Vanessa and her song remind me of Tove Lo. She may lack the Swedish singer’s punch, but that could come alive on stage – after all, the Voice of Switzerland 2014 winner already proved that she’s got what it takes. Neatly packaged as a polished, stage-ready product, “Redlights” ticks all the boxes that would make Vanessa Iraci a successful Melodifestivalen act. (Bogdan, 8.5/10)

The worst: A good singer with a good song, that in any other year would probably cruise to victory in the Swiss selection. It’s testament to how big an improvement SRF have made that “Redlights” mostly just fades into the background. There’s just nothing memorable about it, whereas most of the other entries make that impact. (Chris, 6/10)

4. Chiara Dubey – “Secrets and Lies” (6.82)

The best: “Secrets and Lies” as a composition draws strength from the fragility in Chiara’s voice. Although this is an excellent submission, it worryingly relies heavily on several factors such as the producers’ running order, studio acoustics, staging effects and the mood of the nation. Nonetheless, I applaud entries that take risks whilst stripping back on production elements. (Deban, 7.5/10)

The worst: The studio cut does absolutely nothing for me — it’s a pastiche of melodrama and breathy vocals that feels self-indulgent and monotonous. HOWEVER, and I capitalise that deliberately, there could be real magic in the live version if she’s (1) able to match the pitch-perfect and delicate vocals on show here and (2) give this more dynamism with staging. My score is low, but Chiara sounds like she has the potential to make this magical. (William, 5/10)

5. Naeman – “Kiss Me” (6.43)

The best: Go on, Swiss Bieber! “Kiss Me” is a bop and wouldn’t sound out of place in Melodifestivalen. It’s a little generic, the sort of song that could slot into any Western European national final. But if Switzerland just wants to get into the grand final, this could do it. And if Naeman can deliver some pop charisma, they could do very well. (Robyn, 7.5/10)

The worst: Reductive, lyrically weak and vocally challenged, “Kiss Me” fails to impress me on any level whatsoever. Despite its supposed radio-friendliness, the track doesn’t elicit even the slightest positive emotion throughout and is instantly forgettable the moment it ends. This is fast-food music at its worst and Switzerland would be a definite NQ should they send Naeman to Lisbon. (Bogdan, 2/10)

6. Angie Ott – “A Thousand Times” (5.93)

The best: “A Thousand Times” is certainly dramatic, and could lend itself well to some very interesting staging. Angie could do with working on her English-annunciation at points (apparently, she’s ‘breeding out the truth’), but they’re only minor and will easily come with practice. If Angie can deliver the vocals and emotion live, then it could take the song that extra mile and provide the icing on the cake that it needs. (Jonathan, 7.5/10)

The worst: I feel like we’ve heard this song “A Thousand Times” before. This song is generic, formulaic and quite uninteresting. Even the key change sounds undone. There’s no drama to the performance – only Angie screaming. I don’t think this will fare higher than fifth place in Die Entscheidungsshow. (Luis, 3/10)

Zibbz wins both the Wiwi Jury and readers poll!

Our jurors and readers agree on who should fly the Swiss flag in Lisbon, with Zibbz in first on both. After that, however, the results aren’t quite the same. Here’s how the poll results were:


Therefore, if we combined the results, here is how Die Entscheidungsshow’s scoreboard should look like.

  1. Zibbz – “Stones”
  2. Vanessa Iraci – “Redlights”
  3. Alejandro Reyes – “Compass”
  4. Chiara Dubey – “Secrets and lies”
  5. Naeman – “Kiss me” and Angie Ott – “A thousand times”

Do you agree with the Wiwi Jury? And with our poll? Do you think the combined results will be close to the final results? Tell us in the comment section below!