Romania: Feli’s Selectia Nationala participation in question after death of her father


After a week of speculation caused by Feli‘s sudden withdrawal from social media, the Selectia Nationala semi-finalist confirmed that her father has sadly passed away.

In an emotional message, the star said that she needed a break — but did not explicitly withdraw from Romania‘s national selection for Eurovision.

Feli suddenly stopped posting to her social media accounts at the end of January. The singer only confirmed the reason behind her absence today, in an emotional message posted via Facebook.

I’m writing and deleting because I try to find the words to express what I’m feeling now, but some feelings cannot be put into words. 

People have been messaging me to ask where I had “vanished” and if I was alright, because I stopped posting on social media.

My dad died.

I am writing this slightly numbed, passing from one state to another every other second. It’s strange. I don’t feel MYSELF. 

I need a little time to get myself back together. I say “a little” because I think that I am a strong Feli and I want to believe this now more than ever.

I admire people who are so strong that they could go past this kind of pain quickly, but unfortunately I am not one of them.

Be it good or bad, family comes first, blood is thicker than water and love never disappears. Never.

I need myself right now. I’ve been looking for myself for days and I can’t find myself.

Until I find myself, please observe my wish to not be asked “How?”, “Why?”, and so on.

My soul would cherish a warm thought and a hug. Nothing more.

Thank you for understanding.

Feli Donose had a very close relationship with her father Costel, whom she once described as “the love of her life”.

Will Feli withdraw from Selectia Nationala?

According to the Romanian media, Feli has cancelled all her upcoming concerts and live appearances. Although the singer has not specifically withdrawn from Romania’s national selection, given her message it is pretty clear that it is only a matter of time.

Feli — a front runner this year — was supposed to perform her upbeat entry “Buna de iubit” this coming Sunday in Turda. In this moment, it seems it would give her too little time to prepare and focus on Selectia Nationala.

We have reached out to TVR for confirmation regarding Feli’s situation. So far, the Romanian broadcaster has not received any formal request for withdrawal.

All here at wiwibloggs send our condolences and warmest thoughts to Feli and her family at this very difficult time.


Photo: Victor Detto