Queen of Spain! Amaia wins Operación Triunfo 2017


She’s the singer who won the hearts of the Spaniards week by week during Operación Triunfo, and last night, Amaia took her crown. She is going to Eurovision and she has also won OT 2017. Y’all bow to Amaia I of Spain!

Amaia – “Miedo” at OT Final

Over the weeks, Amaia has given the most amazing performances, and this week was no exception. She delivered a stirring performance of “Miedo”, a song by MClan.

In fact, her choice was quite surprising, as the song is a quite normal ballad, without any big notes or moments that allowed her to shine. But Amaia cut through and amazed everyone with her emotions and her pitch-perfect vocals.

Once she made it to the superfinal, Amaia performed again, this time with David Bowie’s “Starman”. It was the first song she performed in OT and which led her to her only nomination in the show. But last night Amaia proved what evolution was, and she nailed her performance.

Amaia – “Starman” at OT Final

Amaia won the superfinal with 46% of the vote, with her best friend inside the academy Aitana finishing second with 42%, and Miriam gathering a 12%.

Aitana, who impressed us all last week with “Arde”, proved again she’s a vocal powerhouse with her rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier”.

She later covered Jessie J’s “Bang Bang”, the first song which she performed in OT and that was major change. Back in Gala 0, she missed a beat at the beginning and her performance was a hot mess, while last night Aitana rocked the stage and commanded the dancers like a true popstar. Yas!

Aitana – “Bang bang” at OT Final

In third place was Miriam, whose vocals were fire! She sang Malú’s “Invisible” and nailed a series of long notes that sparked eargasms all over Spain.

She made it to the superfinal, where she sang again Vanessa Martín’s “No te pude retener”, like at Gala 0. She was all emotions in that performance, and she showed how the contest had made her grow as an artist.

Miriam – “Invisible” at OT Final

Massive shock as Alfred doesn’t make the superfinal!

The big shock of the night came after the first round of voting. For many, the superfinal was a clear race between Amaia, Aitana and Alfred, but then OT proved that you can never take anything for granted in a TV show.

Alfred (Amaia’s boyfriend and her partner in “Tu canción”) finished fourth overall with only an 8% of the votes and therefore didn’t proceed to the superfinal.

Alfred – “Don’t stop the music” at OT Final

Rounding out the top five was Ana War, who impressed everyone with a heartfelt rendition of Carlos Gardel’s tango “Volver”. She sang and she was pure passion while she showed her tango moves.

From Canarias to Buenos Aires, Ana Guerra proved why she deserved her spot in the final!

Ana Guerra – “Volver” at OT Final

OT is over as a contest, but it’s far from being over at all. Next week, all the 16 contestants will perform again in a special show with their best moments.

Get ready for a night with Amaia belting out “Shake it out”, Aitana and Cepeda melting the whole country with their “No puedo vivir sin ti” or Ana Guerra killing it with her iconic “La bikina”. YAS!!

Do you agree that Amaia was the best singer of all the 16? Did she deserve the trophy? Would you have prefered Aitana? Who of the five finalists should have won? Tell us in the comment section below!