Wiwi Jury: Asanda is our favourite for the UK’s Eurovision: You Decide 2018 with “Legends”


In just a few hours time, the UK’s Eurovision: You Decide 2018 will decide the country’s act for Eurovision 2018. Ahead of the show — hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Mans Zelmerlow — the Wiwi Jury has been reviewing the 6 competing songs. Now that it’s all said and done, we have our winner: Asanda, with “Legends“!

She may only be 16, but Asanda serves up attitude like a seasoned performer. Part Whitney and part Mariah with a little Nicki Minaj thrown in for good measure, she’s got it — and she’s givin’ it good. With a score of 8.39, she’s a runaway winner with our Jury as well. See what we thought about her and all the artists below:

Wiwi Jury: Eurovision: You Decide 2018 Reviews and Rankings

1. Asanda – “Legends” (8.39)

The best: Alright girls! It looks like United Kingdom is heading back to the top 5 this year — but only if they choose this song. Absolutely blown away with that sound (which is at once totally out there and yet so mainstream). It’s easy to imagine this on radios all around Europe and to see the audience dancing in Altice Arena. Get it, gurrrl. (Cinan, 10/10)

The worst: It’s easy to see why people would get excited over this. By the UK’s standards, this is modern, poppy and fun. But look at “Legends” for what is it. It’s a 16 year old girl singing lyrics like “we be legends” and “I’m feeling fame”, performed to a mishmash of an instrumental that can’t make up its mind on what genre it wants to be. (Josh, 4/10)

2. RAYA — “Crazy” (6.89)

The best: RAYA oozes personality and she has all the makings of a pop diva. “Crazy” might not be the most original of songs, but sometimes you don’t need to change the battlefield to win the war. The song achieves everything it sets out to do with aplomb and this will get fans across the UK on the dance floor. (Antranig, 9/10)

The worst: “Crazy” may take you to the dance floor, but it brings nothing new to the pop-music table. Raya sings well in the studio version. However, it springs up a few concerns as to how she might deliver this live. Nonetheless, the chorus here is seriously catchy and that is a great sign for a Eurovision entry. (Deban, 6/10)

3. Goldstone — “I Feel the Love” (6.39)

The best: Okay, so it’s effectively just an early-era Little Mix song, but that’s not a bad thing. The entire thing feels identifiably British in production and style, which might resonate well with juries and televoters alike. The song is missing a final big “moment” towards the end, but if the Goldstone ladies can nail their harmonies live, that could be enough of a wow factor alone. (Chris, 7.5/10)

The worst: “I Feel The Love” reminds me of the British pop trio, Stooshe. Unlike Girls Aloud, who ripped up the British charts for over a decade, this effort is bubbling under the chart radar. Shouty in parts, and frantic in others, “I Feel The Love” loses steam with repeat spins. (Deban, 4.5/10)

4. Jaz Ellington — “You” (6.11)

The best: There´s some serious Sam Smith vibes going on here. Jaz is smooth, yet a strong vocalist and the song just floats without effort and leaves a warm feeling. True, the lyrics are bittersweet, and perhaps a little bit mean. “I’m going to tell her how perfect she is. I´ll just do it in the morning, and add the fact that she´s not you, which will suck..for her.” Such a dreamboat. (Kristin, 9/10)

The worst: Vocally, Jaz is almost flawless. But “You” is one of those songs that is incredibly divisive. On this end, it sounds like generic and ‘soulless’ gospel soul. Lyrically, it’s so full of cliches, made all the more cheesy when delivered by Jaz’s strong vocals – the only redeeming feature. Without sounding too shady, it’s a B-side to a modern day Mariah track. Not good. (Sebastian, 4/10)

5. SuRie — “Storm” (5.61)

The best: There’s something brewing in “Storm”, certainly. It’s just whether or not the live performance will help unlock some of that. Right now, there’s lots of good ideas – particularly with the verses – but it does feel like there’s a missing link in the middle. The UK has proven they can revamp a song by now though, so if SuRie delivers something great live with this version, it could only get better. (Chris, 7/10)

The worst: Clean Bandit meets Malta’s MESC. There are good ideas here, but they’ve flirted too much with clichés and common places and the result is an average lovechild. This doesn’t make any impact, it just passes you by and two minutes after it ends, it’s gone forever. The UK can do much better than this. (Luis, 4.5/10)

6. Liam Tamne — “Astronaut” (5.25)

The best: From that Scandinavian anthemic melody, to the Alan Walker style post-chorus, this really is “generic Eurovision song” at its best. My only issue (other than the atrocious lyrics) is that the song is simply too Norwegian to be representing the UK. (Edd, 8.5/10)

The worst: Liam has a gorgeous voice — it’s smooth, silky, sexy and soothing. When he says “let me take you far away,” who could refuse? And while his talent is top-notch, the song feels beneath him. The lyrics are cringe and the melody generic, so much so that it renders colourful Liam into something more black-and-white. He deserves better. (William, 5/10)

The six acts will compete in You Decide tonight, live from 20:30 CET. You can watch the show live on BBC2. Acts will home to impress the public at home, whilst there’s also a panel in the arena who will give their critiques.

What do you think of the You Decide acts? Do you think Asanda is a lock for victory? Let us know all your thoughts here in the comments section!

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