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This Saturday, ten acts will battle it out in the grand final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018. But who should win the ticket to Lisbon and represent Denmark at Eurovision 2018? The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — have their favourites.

Because time is short, we’re doing a mini Wiwi Jury — just like we did with Spain and Albania. Our jury members have listened to all the songs but are just listing their personal top-five favourites along with a review of their overall Danish fave. So, which were the songs we’d like to see at Eurovision? Read on to find out!


1. Sandra – “Angels to My Battlefield”

My top seven or eight in Denmark would all be no more than a point apart in a traditional Wiwi Jury, making this a very difficult bunch of songs to choose between. Sandra stands a hair above her competition with “Angels to My Battlefield” because after listening to all ten songs, the chorus of “Angels to My Battlefield” is what I remember best. If Sandra can deliver the emotion of the song live, it could gallop away from the rest of the pack. There’s nothing in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 which will take the contest back to Copenhagen but there are plenty of songs with an equal (but far from guaranteed) shot of getting Denmark through to the grand final.

2. Lasse Meling – “Unfound”
3. Ditte Marie – “Riot”
4. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – “Holder fast i ingenting”
5. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”


1. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”

In a selection where the vast majority of songs seem to be poor knockoff versions of more successful hits, Sannie’s done something clever. “Boys on Girls” has ’90s traits in there — a delightful callback to her glory days as Whigfield. But the song evolves past that to an updated sound, making it relevant for a 2018 contest. The chorus is insanely catchy as well.

2. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
3. Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”
4. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – “Holder fast i ingenting”
5. Ditte Marie – “Riot”


1. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix’s youngest contestant is arguably the one with the strongest track. “Starlight” captures the feeling of freedom in an easy-listening format. The melody is easy on the ear, and Anna is easy on the eye. Furthermore, this teenage sensation delivers pop music effortlessly, and with an indie vibe.

2. Ditte Marie – “Riot”
3. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”
4. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
5. Lasse Meling – “Unfound”


1. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”

Now this is epic. The backing vocals are magically mysterious and the melody is timelessly anthemic. Working as the Danish equivalent to Moana’s “We Know the Way”, it would be great to see a big budget Viking-themed performance, and have Scandinavia show us their own form of ‘ethno’ pop. My only criticism is that the final key change comes in just half a second too soon, which takes away the power. But he looks the part, sounds the part, and I am feeling this.

2. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”
3. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”
4. Ditte Marie – “Riot”
5. Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”


1. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”

Vikings assemble! The best word to describe “Higher Ground” is epic. Starting off slightly mysterious, the addition of the war drums from the first chorus instantly grabs your attention and keeps it throughout as you wonder what’s coming next. Millions of people of all demographics have fallen in love with Game of Thrones as (possibly unfortunately) the theme of war and battle music is universal. This song could easily capitalise on this, yet it still feels distinctly Nordic and relevant to Denmark. With some equally epic staging, this could be a real sight to behold.

2. Lasse Meling – “Unfound”
3. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – “Holder fast i ingenting”
4. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”
5. Ditte Marie – “Riot”


1. KARUI – “Signals”

The first bars of Karui’s song “Signals” already swept me in, serving simple but frenetic beats and vibrant vibes. This is a very delicious mixture of upbeat pop with current R&B flow that crafts an interesting chilled-out texturized sound. Her energy is addicting cascading her harmonies until reaching an awaited vocal climax. I instantly screamed HELL YES! Even so, though, I’m concerned if the “American appeal” of her song will be well-received. Hope she can serve it live as well! Slay gurl!

2. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
3. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”
4. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”
5. CARLSEN – “Standing Up for Love”


1. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”

In a year where most of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix entries sound the same, thanks to the 2018 trend of Spotify friendly music, “Higher Ground” comes through and is giving me life. Rasmussen is creating an atmospheric, tribal and anthemic moment for Denmark and with the right staging, could earn Denmark its first top ten placing at Eurovision in a number of years. They can afford to lose the key change in the last chorus, as it cheapens the overall package, but this has the potential to really slay in Lisbon.

2. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”
3. KARUI – “Signals”
4. Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”
5. CARLSEN – “Standing Up for Love”


1. Sannie – “Boys on girls”

Is there a better way to pay tribute to the ’90s? Here’s the “Saturday Night” singer with a song whose lyrics sound like those of Blur’s “Boys and girls”. The child that I was back then is now crying with joy, thank you. This song is beyond infectious and it ticks all the boxes. It’s at the same time old and new, cliché and fresh, clever and silly. Denmark, hope y’all are San(ni)e over there and pick her.

2. KARUI – Signals
3. Rasmussen – “Higher ground”
4. Ditte Marie – “Riot”
5. Albin Fredy – “Music for the road”


1. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – “Holder fast i ingenting”

This entry just stands out from the rest in Denmark this year. It is modern, memorable and makes you want to just move along with the beat. Another different thing about this act is that this is the only song in Danish and it still works and even if I don’t understand any of the lyrics, I still want to listen to this song over and over again because it just makes me feel good. There are some summer vibes here as well and in Eurovision, it would do quite well.

2. Ditte Marie – “Riot”
3. Lasse Meling – “Unfound”
4. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
5. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”


1. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – “Holder fast i ingenting”

This is a great selection for Denmark, full of great pop music and of course the big anthemic favourite. No one is going to expect the silly Danish dance song to win (lowest on the odds, ofc) but for me, it was the clear standout. Everything works so well, Rikke’s beautiful silvery voice amongst the gentle but energetic and charming dancy production is just magic. Even though it’s made in the vein of Scandipop schlager, it’s much more sharply made and danceable than I’ve ever heard before.  It’s so likeable, endearing and nicely composed that it’s impossible to avoid. If anyone wanted any proof, this was the only song in the selection I found myself smiling, bopping to and even singing along to, even with the language barrier! I don’t expect it, but if this goes to Lisbon, I’ll love Denmark forever

2. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
3. Ditte Marie – “Riot”
4. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”
5. Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”


1. Lasse Meling – “Unfound”

Lasse has an uncanny similarity of vocal and instrumental style to Shawn Mendes, and “Unfound” has all the same markings of a chart-topper: an attractively unpolished voice, modern minimalist production during the verses, and most importantly, a falsetto pre-chorus that explodes into an earworm of a chorus. It may not have the anthemic sound that other DGMP entries are aiming for, but Lasse’s more subtle charisma is much more accessible. Expect fangirls.

2. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
3. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”
4. KARUI – “Signals”
5. Sandra – “Angels to My Battlefield”


1. Sannie – “Boys on Girls”

This is the only DMGP song I want to listen to on repeat. Sannie creates a chill, anything-goes atmosphere that’s about love as much as it’s about partying. There are hints of Melodrama-era Lorde in there, bringing that bratty but fun party feeling. But most importantly, unlike so many other 2018 national final songs “Boys on Girls” doesn’t feel like a cheap knock-off of current chart pop sounds. There’s enough originality happening that makes it very necessary for Lisbon.

2. Lasse Meling – “Unfound”
3. Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”
4. Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”
5. Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”

What do you think? What are your favourites? Who would you like to see represent Denmark in Lisbon? Share your thoughts below!


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This one got posted … so let’s try again

1) Higher ground : 39 ( 3*5)
2) Boys on girls : 30 (3*5)
3) Unfound : 21(1*5)
4) Riot : 20
4) Starlight: 20 (1*5)
6) Holder fast I ingenting : 17 (2*5)
7) Signals: 14 (1*5)
8) Music for the road : 11
9) Angels to my battlefield : 6 (1*5)
10) Standing up for love: 2


Why is my comment still in moderation?


My top10

1) “Higher Ground” (12)
2) “Unfound” (10)
3) “Music For The Road” (8)
4) “Riot” (7)
5) “Angels To My Battlefield” (6)
6) “Boys On Girls” (5)
7) “Starlight” (4)
8) “Standing Up For Love” (3)
9) “Holder Fast I Ingending” (2)
10) “Signals” (1)

esc freak

Holder fast i ingenting!


I’m not sure if I really like these songs, but I wish Denmark chooses the best one, maybe I’ll change my mind after live.
So far, the only one I think is ok is Holder fast i lingering, but it’s not the best song, so it may change


Carlsen please 🙂 Love that song. I know, its nothing special, but i just love their sound. Dont think it will win. The best choice would be Higher Ground.


Weak selection. I predict Anna Ritsmar will shine on stage tonight and contend for the win.


After a single listen to the snippets at dr.dk, I have to go with Rasmussen, Ditte Marie and Karui.


Sannie has grown on me, Albin is still nice…
Nothing extraordinary, though…


”Higher ground” and nobody else for me, hope they will be good live.


What Robyn has exactly the same top 5 as me. You go girl!


So it seems you guys are agreeing with the odds that had till not long ago song number 1,2,3 n the superfinal! Like that’s gonna happen

Antranig’s comment is literally my reaction to DMGP. The songs have very little separation in terms of quality. Thats why they shouldnt do these song camps!

Hi guys! Im just on my way to the dress rehearsel, and will of course be there tonight as well! Yesterday I spoke with Rasmussen, and he is just so sympathic and nice. I doesent sound like we should expect either ships, drums or even fire at the stage, but he said it would be great though! We are alot of peolpe in Denmark that really really want Rasmussen to win, BUT mostly we pick the absolutely wrong songs! 😀 I will cross anything that I can and hope the best for Rasmussen, but I try to have in mind… Read more »

1. Holder Fast I Ingenting
2. Boys on Girls
3. Higher Ground
4. Unfound
5. Signals

Danish selection is so far the best for me this year

Polegend Godgarina

I’m with Lukas and Nathalie–Holder fast i ingenting would be the best choice for a country that never took risks and always sent basic, impersonal songs that could’ve been from anywhere. I love Sannie’s song too. The rest? Super meh. I need Denmark to show personality for once!


1.Higher ground —————- (biiiiig gap) 2.Boys on Girls 3.Music for the road
If Higher ground wins, it’ll probably make my 1st place by now….Well, I’m not sure yet if I like it more than ”Lie to me”, but it’s definitly epic and amazing and they should send this. I mean… ”Boys on girls” would be the 2nd best Option, but I think Denmark would make a mistake by not sending Rasmussen.


I agree with Jonathan, Higher Ground is epic and would really like it to win tonight! My runner-ups are Angels to My Battlefield and Music For The Road. All songs are at least okay, though.

A question for Wiwi Jury: Would there be an internet transmission, since last year, there was none? Addionally, will you share the times and links for all other today’s shows (Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine)?


Starlight is best choice for Denmark. If she deliver good performance, song have good chance for TOP 10 even TOP 5 in Eurovision final. Song is mix of song from Denmark and DMGP 2012 song Universe (best song that year but Karen was nervious in DMGP final and stage costume was not good)


Song is good mix from Eurovision song from Denmark 1995 ,and song Universe from DMGP 2012