Eesti Laul: Elina Netsajeva is your favourite act from Semi-Final 1


Teme Ära! Tonight Eesti Laul 2018 – Estonia’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – returns. Ten acts will take to stage in Semi-Final 1, bidding to win one of five places at the final, which takes place in Tallinn on March 3

Last December, we asked you who your favourite in Semi-Final 1 was and you gave an emphatic result: Elina Nersajeva, and her opera track “La Forza”. She won the poll with 31% of all votes cast.

Her nearest rival Stig Rasta trailed on 20% of all votes cast, over 10% adrift of Elina. Despite his illustrious record at Eesti Laul, that suggest Stig has more serious competition on his hands than he might have expected.

Etnopasty placed third with 14%, with their entry “Kulm”. Vajé took 11% in fourth and Desiree rounds out our readers top five on 9%. If our readers have their way, those are the five acts who’ll advance to the final tonight, giving a broad spread of genres and songs for Estonia to pick its Eurovision act from.

That means Iiris & Agoh, Aden Ray, Sibyl VaneTiiu x Okym x Semy and Miljardid have all been left out in the cold.


  1. Elina Netsajeva — “La Forza”: 1,027 votes (31%)
  2. Stig Rasta — “Home”: 650 votes (20%)
  3. Etnopatsy — “Kulm”: 468 votes (14%)
  4. Vajé — “Laura (Walk with Me)”: 356 votes (11%)
  5. Desiree — “On My Mind”: 286 votes (9%)
  6. Iiris & Agoh — “Drop That Boogie”: 217 votes (7%)
  7. Aden Ray — “Everybody’s Dressed”: 111 votes (3%)
  8. Sibyl Vane — “Thousand Words”: 95 votes (3%)
  9. Tiiu x Okym x Semy — “Naita oma energiat”: 70 votes (2%)
  10. Miljardid — “Pseudoprobleem”: 30 votes (1%)

Total Votes: 3,310

Voting is split tonight. A jury will decide the first four acts to advance. The fifth act will advance based on public votes alone.

You’ll be able to watch Semi-Final 1 live, either on ERR or through the website of our partners, from 20:35 CET. As with last year, tonight’s performances have been pre-recorded, so the only live element will be the voting itself after acts have performed.

Do you think that “La Forza” will be a winner in tonight’s semi-final? Or do you think Stig and “Home” have a shot? Let us know all your thoughts down in the comments section below.

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