Rasmussen wins Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 with “Higher Ground”


Denmark’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix brought a rollercoaster of emotions. Sannie rolled around in a bed. Rikke went greyscale. And Ditte Marie brought a riot. But in the end, it was Rasmussen who took the victory and he will fly the Danish flag in Lisbon!

Rasmussen took vikings and made them accessible to the great audience. His entry was full of epic moments and so was his victory! This viking will be sailing the Tagus all the way to Lisbon!

Rasmussen – “Higher Ground” — Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018

Ten acts battled it out but in the end it was Rasmussen who took the trophy, after two rounds of voting. The ten competing entries were:

The three qualifiers to the super-final were Albin Fredy, Rasmussen and Anna Ritsmar. Then they performed again and Rasmussen came on top with 50% of the votes. In second place was Anna Ritsmar with 31% of the votes, and finally Albin Fredy with 19%.

  • Anna Ritsmar – “Starlight”
  • Rasmussen – “Higher Ground”
  • Albin Fredy – “Music for the road”

Tonight’s final also included a performance by Eurovision 2014 winner, Conchita. She marked her return to Denmark by performing her Eurovision winning song, “Rise Like a Phoenix”.

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