POLL: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2018 act so far? (12 February)


You know Eurovision season is hotting up when there are nine selection shows on a single Saturday night! And while most were just heats, we did have two finals. This weekend, Italy and Denmark selected their acts for Lisbon 2018.

This brings the total number of confirmed entries to nine. And, as always, it’s time to vote for your favourite.

You can listen to both new entries and watch our video reaction below. Then vote in our poll. Choose wisely, you can only vote ONE time. Voting ends at 23:59 CET on Thursday 15 January — just ahead of the Belarusian selection on Friday and Montenegro’s on Saturday.

We will then relaunch the poll to include both winners along with any other songs which might drop in the interim.

Denmark: Rasmussen “Higher Ground”

Despite DMGP boasting names such as 1990s darling Sannie (aka Whigfield) and regular fan favourite Ditte Marie, Denmark opted to go with Rasmussen on Saturday. And convincingly so. The bearded red-head won the superfinal with 50% of the vote. “Higher Ground” is a soaring Scandi-ballad while the fantasy-style staging has been compared to the vikings and Game Of Thrones. However, while clearly popular on home soil, the number has proven to be rather divisive with international Eurovision followers. Will Rasmussen be able to win them over in May?

Italy: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro “Non mi avete fatto niente”

Saturday also saw Italy’s week long Sanremo festival draw to a close. Here victory went to last year’s runner-up Ermal Meta along with Fabrizio Moro. “Non mi avete fatto niente” was popular with viewers at home scooping more than half the televotes. But the entry has already caused controversy. Earlier in the contest, a debate arose as to whether the song could be considered “new”. Organisers deemed that no rules were broken and no action was taken. But will the allegations hamper the duo later as Eurovision season progresses?


Who is you favourite Eurovision 2018 act so far? Could one of these nine be the ultimate winner? Let us know in the comments below. And while you’re at it, share your rankings! 


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