Poll: Who should win Belarus’ national selection for Eurovision 2018?


This Friday, 16 February, Belarus makes its choice for Eurovision 2018. There’s been plenty of drama since the lucky 11 qualifiers were announced in January. We’ve lost an act, songs have been made legal, and now we want to know your opinion — who do you think should be waving the Belarusian flag in Lisbon?

You can find all the competing songs below, and then vote in our poll.

Adagio “Ty i Ya”

Adagio, Belarus’ answer to Il Volo, are competing with their dramatic popera ballad in the newly embraced Belarusian language.

Alekseev “Forever”

After withdrawing from the Ukrainian national final and rumours that the song might be disqualified for being performed before Belarus’ cut-off point, Alekseev is in. He seems to be a favourite to win the Belarusian ticket to Lisbon, with the English version of his regional hit “Nafsegda”.

Alen Hit “I Don’t Care”

Despite failing to pass the auditions in previous years, Alen Hit finally makes his debut competing in the Belarusian national final with an upbeat funk number.

Anastasiya Malashkevich “World On Fire”

After finishing sixth in 2016, Anastasiya returns to the contest with a belter penned by Swedish national final veterans Ylva and Linda.

Gunesh “I Won’t Cry”

She may have failed to win the national final seven times, but Eurofest legend Gunesh ain’t shedding no tears. With lyrics by ex-Army of Lovers member, Alexander Bard, she enters this year with an uplifting Swede-pop banger.

Kirill GOOD “Deja Vu”

Another slice of slick funk-pop is being served by Kirill Yemanov, winner of the 2016 Wiwi Jury for his entry “Running to the Sun”.

Lexy “Ain’t You”

After finishing tenth in last year’s selection, Aleksandra Tkach has impressed the judges once again with her heartfelt ballad, this time under the alias of Lexy.

Napoli “Chasing rushes”

2018 marks the fourth participation of Napoli’s Olga Shimanskaya in the Belarusian selection. This time, she showcases her vocal abilities in a fiery ballad.

Shuma “Khmarki”

Electronic duo Shuma are debutanting in their quest for Eurovision glory, shaking things up their dark, experimental sound.

Radiovolna “Subway Lines”

Radiovolna swap their funk-rock sound for a (in case there weren’t enough already) ballad, attempting an improvement on their penultimate placing in the 2016 national final.


Those are the ten competing acts. Now, it’s time for you to have your say on who should win. Our poll is now open, and you can vote for as many acts as you like. But remember, you can only vote ONCE, so make sure that vote counts!

Which act is your favourite? Does Alekseev have this in the bag? Can Belarus make it back to the top 10? Let us know in the comment section below!