Supernova: Markus Riva books spot in the final as producers discover semi-final voting glitch


He was the winner of our pre-contest fan poll and his elimination from the second semi-final of Latvia’s Supernova left many fans furrowing their brows.

But today Supernova producers admitted that they experienced technical difficulties during the show, which they believe could have interfered with the results. So good news for all you fans of “This Time” — Markus will sing it in the final after all.

Organisers explain that there was misleading information about contestants in the online voting — a picture of Riga Reggae appeared above the link to Ritvars’ song, which may have led to extra votes for the bespectacled singer.

After discussing the situation, producers of Supernova decided to annul the online votes. They instead relied on the remaining components of the voting — votes by telephone and text messages, unique listens on Spotify, and the jury’s assessment.

In the name of fairness, Ritvars remains in the final, as well as Madara, who won the second semi-final of Supernova. They’ll all join Edgars Kreilis and Liene Greifane — the first semi-final qualifiers — in the national final showdown.

The next semi-final of Supernova takes place on Saturday.

Markus — a Supernova veteran and host of Latvia’s X Factor — has won over plenty of fans with his song.

Ahead of the semi-final, I was feeling the studio cut. As I wrote in our Wiwi Jury review:

“Throw on the tank top, grab some tissues and let’s cry together in the club! Markus may be emotionally torn, but he sounds so smooth, sexy and in control — I’m ready. The chorus is big enough to make this memorable but sufficiently reigned in so that it doesn’t lose its touch point with this ultimately tender dance song. Markus is moving from aspiring pop star to proper artist. It’s love.”

Are you happy that Markus will be in the final after all? Do you think producers were right to give him a place? Let us know in the comments box below.