WATCH: Romania’s Ilinca gets emotional in new video “Nu acum”


Ilinca, the beautiful half of the Romanian duo who managed to “Yodel It!” to seventh place in Kyiv last year, is having the time of her life. Not only is she giving memorable advice — and internet meme material — at the jury table in Selectia Nationala 2018, she’s also taking her musical career to new heights with gems like her latest single, “Nu acum”.

“Nu acum” (Not Now) is an emotional ballad about a rocky relationship on the verge of a break up. “Tomorrow you’ll be back again with a bouquet of flowers / But not now, not now / Tomorrow you’ll find the courage and be a hero / But not now, not now,” Ilinca sings in the chorus, and you can feel her pain. Fresh from a fight with her guy, she is resigned to the fact that this is a pattern that she cannot shake off.

The beautiful and impeccably produced music, written by Irina Rimes (one of our wishlist acts for Romania and Moldova), is a step in the right direction for Ilinca Bacila, who is trying to prove that she is more than a one-trick yodeling pony. Her voice shows that to the max — not only does it soar in the right places, but it also conveys nuances of emotion that we haven’t yet heard from the 19-year old.

“From the first time that I heard the song, I knew it was for me. Vocally at first, and then vibe-wise,” Ilinca says. “I am thankful to Irina Rimes for lending it to me and I am very proud to sing it.”

Unrelated to the lyrics, the video takes places mostly in a Bucharest apartment — adorned for some puzzling reason with a Confederate flag and a box with the Union Jack minus the Scottish Saltire — where a melancholic Ilinca is wandering about the room and keeps looking through the window. Her love interest, a bar tender from across the street, leaves his workplace at night, only to be followed by a knife-wielding stranger. Drama! Days pass and Ilinca is anxiously waiting to see her beau again. One night, she is awoken by lights from a video-projector on her wall: it’s the bar tender, who escaped injured, but alive. Whew. False alarm! The two are reunited in a happy end and, we expect, a much needed exchange of phone numbers.

Fun fact: the bar tender in the video is Ilinca’s best friend, Miko.

We cannot help noticing that Ilinca took a further step away from Alex Florea, her partner in crime in Kyiv. After he was merely present as a faceless figure in her video “Amici”, now he is absent altogether. Guess we can call their collaboration a one-off. Sorry, Illex fans!

What do you think about Ilinca’s new song and video? Do you like the direction she’s taking? Let us know in the comments!