FYR Macedonia: It’s Eye Cue for Eurovision 2018 with “Lost and Found”


No need to dance alone: FYR Macedonia have found themselves a duo. After announcing a public call for submissions back in January, Macedonian broadcaster MRT has found their Eurovision 2018 act: Eye Cue!

The band will perform “Lost and Found” in Lisbon. The song is written by one half of the band, Bojan Trajkovski.

Eye Cue is made up of vocalists, Bojan Trajkovski and Marija Ivanovska. They’re often joined by drummer Ivo Mitkovski, but there’s no reference to Ivo in the press release. Let’s hope he’s not being left behind, y’all — all aboard for a reason!

They’ve been working together since 2007, and have had a number of successes on Balkan charts: their 2010 song, “Not This Time”, was one of the 20 most popular videos of the year on MTV Adria.

Their back catalogue shows a number of pop-rock songs, so it’s likely that their Eurovision entry will be much the same. No news yet from MRT as to when we’ll hear “Lost and Found” though.

The decision was made by an MRT committee on February 10. MRT received 382 songs, eliminating all but 12 after three rounds of voting. After further voting of those 12 songs, “Lost and Found” was selected.

MRT’s statement explains:

“The selected composition has a contemporary sound, impressive refrain and text, excellent and original vocal abilities of the performer, which certainly offers the opportunity for a quality Eurovision package and a worthy presentation of MRT and Macedonia”

FYR Macedonia at Eurovision

Macedonia certainly has been “lost” in recent Eurovision history. They’ve failed to make the final since 2012, when Kaliopi finished 13th with “Crno i Belo”. Five acts have tried and failed to make the final since then, including Kaliopi herself.

Last year, Jana Burceska won over many fans with the studio version of her entry, “Dance Alone”. Live, the same didn’t quite happen though. She finished 15th in her semi-final — but arguably stole the show anyway, with a pregnancy reveal and a live engagement!

Can Eye Cue rescue Macedonia from the semi-finals? Are you excited to hear “Lost and Found”? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

Photo: Courtesy MRT

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