nina serbia eurovision 2007 2017 cover mix

She’s the Serbian starlet who gave us some true retro vibes in 2011. And Nina has gone to the past once again, releasing a cover mix of all of Serbia’s Eurovision entries.

The mix covers the ten Serbian entries since the country entered by itself in 2007. From “Molitva” all the way through to “In Too Deep” — of course, including her own “Caroban” — Nina delights us with some great Serbian memories.

Nina — Serbia Eurovision 2007-2017

This is a one woman vocal show: Nina not only does the lead vocal, but also recorded the backing vocals. And yes, that’s also her playing the piano. No trickery here!

Nina’s been releasing frequent covers over the last few months on her YouTube channel. After a prolonged break from music – broken her by 2016 release, “Colors of My Love” — it’s great to see her regularly singing again.

Of course, that’s not all that Nina’s been doing. Although she now lives in Australia, she returned to Belgrade in September 2017, where she married her long time boyfriend in a picturesque wedding.

And for a further Eurovision link, Moje 3 singer Mirna Radulovic even performed at the wedding ceremony.

Nina’s also been working hard at her studies, too. In an Instagram post at the start of the month, Nina revealed she’s handed in her PhD thesis in Biomedical Sciences. A great voice and a soon-to-be Dr: that’s talent, y’all!

Of course, there’ll soon be an 11th entry to the Serbian Eurovision list, with Beovizija 2018 taking place on February 20. Even if Nina’s been paying homage to Serbia’s Eurovision past though, it’s unlikely we’ll see her in its future. Last year, she said she would do Eurovision again…but only for her new home of Australia.

What do you think of Nina’s mix of Serbian Eurovision hits? Which is your favourite Serbian entry? Let us know all of your thoughts down in the comments section!

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She made “Cipela” and “Ovo je Balkan” sound like quality entries!

Joseph Vitug

I so agree!

Return Denise

More talented than Moje3 combined. Pls represent Aust so they can stop sending boring trash


After Serbia serves up one of the most questionable national final selections of recent times, Nina reminds us how good things used to be. If she wasn’t so nice, I’d read more into that!


there’s a reason for that, after first years of enthusiasm, people here are loosing interest for Eurovision.


Nije ljubav stvar <3


Wonderful video, a great reminder of what Serbia has sent over the years! Beautiful compositions, great entries! It’s one of my favourite eurovision countries!


In that mix it’s Nije ljubav stvar… And can I just say I felt the do dip in quality when they started singing in English. I don’t know why people don’t embrace their own languages any more


Two Serbian entries in English made it to the final and two in Serbian didn’t. Just saying, it’s a pretty even split.