Ukraine: Vidbir judges share thoughts on SF1 songs…after voting very differently from the public


On Saturday Ukraine began to focus more closely on Eurovision 2018 with the broadcast of the first semi-final of Vidbir, its national selection show. Nine acts performed and three made it through: LAUD, The Erised and Vilna.

Afterwards the judges spoke out — and judging from their comments, they were somewhat underwhelmed with the first set of qualifiers.

Andriy Danylko, Evgen Fylatov and Jamala are known for honesty and candour when it comes to judging the performances. They clearly have different tastes in relation to the general public. Two out of their top three acts did not make the final. Vilna won the televoting after receiving just 3 points from the judges.

According to Jamala, that was not neccessarily a bad thing. She said on her Instagram:

“I was very pleased with the first semi-final. And very glad that the audience’s preferences do not always coincide with the choice of judges! This is very cool, it proves that you choose the song that you want to hear in the competition by yourself! You have great strength! Take advantage of this!” 

The tastes between the judges differ as well. Jamala explained earlier to KP that she was looking for a good stage performance rather than good audio and that she does not want to listen to the songs in advance. Yevhen Filatov is rather interested in the visual concept of the act.

Andriy Danylko, on the contrary, listens to all songs before the show. After not being a big fan of Tayanna’s “I Love You” last year, he once again stressed that he is not looking for a dramatic and teary song, but for a more happy one. Andriy wasn’t a big fan televoting winner VILNA, as he branded entry “Forest Song” boring.

The second semi-final of the selection will take place on Saturday, with nine other acts taking the stage: Ingret, Melovin, Julinoza, Tayanna, KADNAY, Yurcash, Mountain Breeze, Illaria and Dilemma. Jamala said that she hopes the second semi will impress her a bit more.

“Personally, I still can not say that I heard a song that I can already see representing the whole country at Eurovision. I’m waiting for the impressive second semi-final.”

Do you agree with the judges? Or do you have another opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: STB

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