Fall like a Domino! Saara Aalto releases second UMK song


Saara Aalto is in it to win it. Last week she released “Monsters” and Finland shortened drastically with the oddsmakers, becoming one of the early favourites to take the trophy at Eurovision 2018. And late on Thursday evening she followed that up with “Domino” — the second of three songs that she will perform at UMK 2018.

“Domino” — Saara Aalto

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The song addresses that overwhelming feeling you get when you’re deep in love. The force can be all-mighty and all-powerful, and might just knock you down like the domino in the title.

“When I’m with you I’m hit and I’m falling oh,” she sings. “I’m gonna fall like a domino, like I’m hit by a wrecking ball.”

Saara’s track comes with a very special music video, which plays nicely on the theme of dominos.

Dominos are, of course, somewhat identical. So the director replicated that by using motion controlled cameras that let them duplicate Saara. During filming she danced in place — as dancers appeared around and behind her — creating an amazing sense of motion. Smeared in gold glitter and reflective materials, she’s shining bright and she’s shining right.

Ahead of the release, she described what’s happening, admitting that she wasn’t fully sure what the finished product would look like: “This video is going to be a surprise even for me when I see it!”

“This song Domino was written by Thomas G:son, and his team in Sweden,” Saara said in a promotional video teasing the song. “And then I flew to Sweden and co-wrote the song with them. Thomas G:son has done 12 songs for Eurovision so far. He has done many, many, many songs for Eurovision [selection shows], but 12 of them have actually represented some country.”

“He won with ‘Euphoria’ and now he co-wrote ‘Domino’. I just love it. Ahh!

Finland’s second Eurovision win?

Building on the momentum from X Factor UK, Saara is shaping up to be a genuine Eurovision contender. “Monsters” set the pace and has quickly garnered support from many Eurovision fans. But “Monsters” was just the beginning and expectations are high for Saara to deliver two more competitive songs.

Saara’s release of “Domino” comes as the lunar calendar ticks into the Chinese New Year. With 2018 being the year of the dog, the stars may be aligning for Saara, who released a Mandarin album in 2013. That’s the same zodiac sign present during Finland’s only Eurovision victory in 2006.

“Domino” lyrics — Saara Aalto

Two worlds collide,
There are two hearts beating side bu side,
Feel the spark, we ignite,
turn my mind into an open fire.

When I’m with you…
I’m hit and I’m falling oh,
I’m gonna fall like a domino,
like I’m hit by a wrecking ball,
I’m gonna fall like a domino,
and every single part of my knock out
heart keeps on telling me there’s no way
I’m letting go…
I’m hit and I’m falling oh
I’m gonna fall like a domino

Skin on my skin,
without words and without gravity,
Breathe me out, breathe me in,
Let me stay here for eternity…

What do you think of “Domino”? Has Saara delivered another amazing UMK entry? Does “Domino” outshine “Monsters”? Let us know in the comments below.

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