Slovenia: BQL among eight finalists following EMA 2018 semi-final


Slovenia kicked off the search for their Eurovision 2018 representative in Lisbon with tonight’s semi-final of their national selection process EMA 2018, co-hosted by the stand-up comedian Vid Valic.

Sixteen acts were chosen from a total of 108 entries and they all performed their songs entirely in Slovenian, live for the very first time.

Tonight’s lineup included a mix of newcomers and returning artists, most notably two of Slovenia’s former representatives — EMA 2016 winner ManuElla and Eurovision 1997 alum Tanja Ribic. Last year’s finalists KiNG FOO, Nika Zorjan, Nuška Drašcek and Lea Sirk all returned to compete alongside runners-up BQL.

After all of tonight’s performances, it was then up to the televoting public and juries to make their decisions. With a little help from last year’s finalist Raiven and in no particular order….

ProperLara KadisBQLLea SirkIndigoIna ShaiMarina Martensson and Nuška Drašcek advanced to next week’s EMA 2018 final on 24 February.

Sadly, we had to bid farewell to the eight remaining acts as their journey came to an end and were sent home, so no Eurovision return for ManuElla and Tanja Ribic.

EMA 2018 — Semi-Final qualifiers

Ina Shai — “V nebo”

Indigo — “Vesna”

Lara Kadis — “Zdaj sem tu”

BQL — “Ptica”

Proper — “Ukraden cvet”

Marina Martensson — “Blizu”

Nuška Drašcek — “Ne zapusti me zdaj”

Lea Sirk — “Hvala, ne!”

EMA 2018 — Semi-Final eliminated acts

Anabel — “Pozitiva”

Tanja Ribic — “Ljudje”

KiNG FOO — “Žive sanje”

ManuElla — “Glas”

MILA — “Svoboda”

Orter — “Kraljica”

Nika Zorjan — “Uspavanka”

Gregor Ravnik — “Zdaj je cas”

The EMA 2018 final gets underway next week on February 24, where the winner will be decided by a 50/50 combination of televoting and professional juries.

Do you agree with tonight’s results? Who are you rooting for in the final? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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