Ukraine: Melovin, Tayanna and Kadnay qualify from second semi-final of Vidbir 2018


Ukraine has never missed the Eurovision Grand Final and the pressure will be on their next representative to maintain that. Tonight, three more acts progressed to the Grand Final of Vidbir 2018.

Nine acts performed but only three could go on. The three qualifiers were Melovin, Tayanna and Kadnay. They will join last week’s qualifiers LAUD, The Erised and VILNA in the Grand Final.

The results were determined by a 50/50 split of jury vote and televote. A lot of focus was upon the jury after their opinions greatly differed from the public last week. The full results are below, as well as a link to each performance.

Vidbir 2018 — Jury votes

9 points – Tayanna, “Lelya”
8 points – Melovin, “Under The Ladder”
7 points – Kadnay, “Beat of the Universe”
6 points – Mountain Breeze, “I See You”
5 points – Illaria, “Sila”
4 points – Julinoza, “Hto Ja?”
3 points – Yurcash, “Stop Killing Love”
2 points – Ingret, “Save My Planet”
1 point – Dilemma, “Na Party”

Vidbir 2018 — Combined votes

Vidbir 2018 Grand Final Running Order

At the end of the show each of this year’s finalists drew their place in the running order for next week’s grand-final. The running order draw was as follows:

  1. Kadnay – “Beat of the Universe”
  2. Tayanna – “Lelya”
  3. The Erised – “Heroes”
  4. Laud – “Waiting”
  5. Vilna – “Forest Song”
  6. Melovin – “Under The Ladder”

France’s Madame Monsieur also performed in tonight’s show. Keeping their black clothing and simple staging, the duo got the audience on their feet, and high praise from Jamala.

What did you think of tonight’s show? Did the right acts for the final? Who will win Vidbir 2018 and represent Ukraine in Lisbon? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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