Latvia: Split results of Supernova 2018 semi-finals released ahead of wildcard reveal


On Saturday, eight acts will take to the stage in the final of Latvia’s Supernova 2018. And as the public selection process comes to a close — after starting back in October — broadcaster LTV has revealed the split results from the semi-finals.

It’s been a year of changes for Supernova and this is no different. We’ve usually found out the results of the Supernova semi-finals after the contest is over. But now, LTV have given us a little more insight as to who might be a contender in the final.

Supernova 2018: Semi-Final One

The first semi-final saw Edgars Kreilis and Liene Greifane qualify. The public, however, were much more keen on Sudden Lights: the band placed first in the public vote, but only 4th with the jury.

Edgars finished second with both public and jury. Liene, meanwhile, topped the jury vote but crucially came 3rd with the public — putting both acts narrowly ahead of Sudden Lights.

Public Vote Results: 1. Sudden Lights 2. Edgars Kreilis 3. Liene Greifane 4. Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds 5. DVINES 6. Agnese Stengrevics 7. Rahu the Fool

Jury Results: 1. Liene Greifane 2. Edgars Kreilis 3. DVINES 4. Sudden Lights 5. Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds 6. Rahu the Fool 7. Agnese Stengrevics

Overall Results: 1. Liene Greifane 2. Edgars Kreilis 3. Sudden Lights 4. DVINES 5. Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds 6. Rahu the Fool 7. Agnese Stengrevics

Supernova 2018: Semi-Final Two

As has already been revealed, the second semi-final saw the voting go a little wrong. Initially, MADARA and Ritvars were announced as qualifiers. Soon, however, it was revealed that actually, Markus Riva should have qualified.

The details are now clearer, with Markus winning the public vote, but struggling with the jury; on the other side, Ritvars won the jury vote, but struggled with the public. MADARA’s “Esamiba” finished second on both, allowing her to win the semi-final, with the two men behind.

Public Vote Results: 1. Markus Riva 2. MADARA 3. Riga Reggae 4. Ritvars 5. Hypnotic 6. Monta 7. In My Head

Jury Results: 1. Ritvars 2. MADARA 3. Markus Riva 4. Riga Reggae 5. In My Head 6. Hypnotic 7. Monta

Overall Results: 1. MADARA 2. Markus Riva 3. Ritvars 4. Riga Reggae 5. Hypnotic 6. In My Head 7. Monta

Supernova 2018: Semi-Final Three

The only semi-final with a clear winner. Latvian-Brazilian beauty Laura Rizzotto may be staking her claim to win Supernova early, as she was the only act to top both public and jury votes.

Behind her is a much more confusing group: Lauris Valters made it, but appears to have qualified on a jury-weighted tie-break with Kris & Oz. Lauris only placed 4th with the public, but 2nd with the jury; Kris & Oz, meanwhile, 2nd with the public, but 4th with the jury. Tense times!

Public Vote Results: 1. Laura Rizzotto 2. Kris & Oz 3. Ed Rallidae 4. Lauris Valters 5. Katrine Lukins 6. Jenny May 7. MIONIA

Jury Results: 1. Laura Rizzotto 2. Lauris Valters 3. MIONIA 4. Kris & Oz 5. Ed Rallidae 6. Katrine Lukins 7. Jenny May

Overall Results: 1. Laura Rizzotto 2. Lauris Valters 3. Kris & Oz 4. Ed Rallidae 5. MIONIA 6. Katrine Lukins 7. Jenny May

Supernova 2018: Wildcard

Supernova 2018 was only meant to have 7 finalists anyway, but we’ll see 8 on Saturday. Despite the voting mistake in Semi-Final Two producing another finalist, the jury’s wildcard remains in place.

Looking at the split results, obvious wildcard winners would either be Sudden Lights or Kris & Oz. But could an act like Riga Reggae even sneak their way in? We’ll find out tomorrow, February 20, when the wildcard is revealed.

What do you think of the Supernova 2018 semi-final splits? Do you think that Laura could be a lock for the next Latvian act? Could Markus Riva or MADARA still take the Supernova crown? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section!

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