Portugal: Listen to the 45-second snippets for semi-final two of Festival da Cançao 2018 as organisers reveal televote mix up in semi one


With the first semi-final of Festival da Cançao 2018 behind us, it’s now time to look ahead to next weekend’s second round.

Like last week, Portuguese broadcaster RTP is once again giving fans a taster of what to expect. But before we take a listen, it seems yesterday’s show didn’t run as smoothly as it seemed.

Earlier today, RTP revealed that there was a mix-up with the distribution of televotes.

On the night, Beatriz Pessoa and her song “Eu Te Amo” received seven points from the public watching at home. This was enough for her to rank among the qualifiers. However, it now transpires that she should have gotten no televote points.

The seven points were actually intended for Maria Amaral and “A Mesma Canção”, one of the non-qualifiers.

The broadcaster was swift to rectify the mix-up. Without the seven points, Beatriz is no longer a finalist. The boost was not enough to push Maria into the final either. Instead that honour now goes to Rui David and “Sem Medo”, who retrospectively rises to seventh place in the semi rankings.

Yeesh, Iberians and their Eurodrama!

But back to the music. The 45-second snippets of each song competing in semi two on February 25 landed this morning.

Listen to all 13 snippets in the playlist below.

Festival da Canção 2018 semi-final two line-up

No doubt about it: all the attention in the second semi is focused on Diogo Piçarra. The winner of the fifth season of Ídolos takes part in the Portuguese festival with two number one albums and millions of YouTube views to his name. Voice winner Cláudia Pascoal is also among the contenders.

Two hostesses — Sónia Araújo and Tânia Ribas de Oliveira — will guide the viewers through the three-hour show.

  • Cláudia Pascoal “O jardim”
  • Daniela Onis “Para lá do rio”
  • David Pessoa “Amor veloz”
  • Diogo Piçarra “Canção do fim”
  • Dora Fidalgo “Arco-íris (assim cantou Zaratustra)”
  • Lili “O vôo das cegonhas”
  • Maria Inês Paris “Bandeira azul”
  • Minnie & Rhayra “Patati patata”
  • Peter Serrado “Sunset”
  • Rita Ruivo “Anda daí”
  • Susana Travassos “A mensageira”
  • Sequin “All over again”
  • Tamin “Sobre nós”

Festival da Canção 2018

After rebooting the Festival da Canção concept in 2017 — which translated into the first ever Eurovision victory for the Iberian nation — RTP is keeping the same show structure while adding ten more songs.

Each semi-final has 13 songs and seven of them will advance to the grand final on 4 March. The voting system follows last year’s pattern: 50% televote and 50% jury in the semis, and 50% televote and 50% regional jury in the grand final.

While the two semi-finals were drawn back in October, the running order itself is being determined by the show’s producers. This Eurovision-style move is new for 2018.

Júlio Isidro — a well-known Portuguese television presenter and entertainer — is back as the head of the jury, which consists of Ana Bacalhau, Ana Markl, Antonio Avelar Pinho, Carlão, Mario Lopes, Sara Tavares, Tozé Brito — and Eurovision-winning songwriter Luisa Sobral.


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