Azerbaijan: Philipp Kirkorov’s “Dream Team” confirmed as behind AISEL’s song for Eurovision 2018


Last year, rumours suggested that Azerbaijan songstress AISEL would be working with the so-called “Dream Team” on her entry for Eurovision 2018. Now the rumours have been confirmed. Russian maestro Philipp Kirkorov and Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos are now confirmed as being behind AISEL’s song for Lisbon.

Last year, Kirkorov told media that he had been approached by a country friendly to Russia and had agreed to produce their entry for Lisbon. He later teased fans with an Instagram post promising a “miracle adventure” with Kontopoulos.

Some fans ruled out Azerbaijan as a potential partner, as the elegant style of AISEL seemed at odds with the bold pop traditions of the “Dream Team”. However, AISEL was soon photographed with Kirkorov at social events and had nothing but praise for the Eurovision icon.

Now Azeri media has confirmed that Kirkorov and Kontopoulos will indeed be working on Azerbaijan’s entry for Eurovision 2018.

Another confirmed member of the “Dream Team” is creative director Ilias Kokotos. He was part of the team’s most recent Eurovision collaboration — Sergey Lazarev‘s 2016 entry “You Are the Only One”.

This won’t be the first time that a “Dream Team” member has worked with Azerbaijan. In 2013, Kontopoulos co-wrote Azerbaijan’s entry “Hold Me”, which placed second in Malmö.

Azeri media has also reported that the song will contain Azeri lyrics, which would be the first appearance of the Azeri language since Azerbaijan debuted at Eurovision in 2008. However, sources close to the Dream Team tell wiwibloggs that the Eurovision entry will not contain any Azeri lyrics.

The music video for AISEL’s song is currently being filmed in Greece. The song is expected to be released in coming weeks.

What do you think? Are you excited that the Dream Team is working with AISEL? Is using Azeri lyrics a smart move? Share your thoughts below!