Kamil on Depi Evratesil: The “Puerto Rico” staging will be “girl power burning the floor”


Drama hasn’t been scarce in Armenia. During the first semi-final of Depi Evratesil, Wiwi Jury favourite Tamar Kaprelian was eliminated, leaving many fans scratching their heads. And the drama won’t dissipate anytime soon as the glamorous Kamil prepares to set the stage on fire during the second semi-final.

Kamil has already made a mark with the media in Armenia. She trash-talked her competitors in January, revealing that they had no chance to beat her. She was also very confident that she will be winning Depi Evratesil and receiving 12 points from Spain with her Spanish-language entry “Puerto Rico”.

With the second semi-final fast approaching, Kamil talked to wiwibloggs about her upcoming performance. Be warned: the attitude is blinding!

Kamil Show interview

What’s the idea behind your look?

This is the only question I wish to answer as Arsen Grigoryan, not Kamil. The idea behind Kamil’s look is to show everyone how unfairly we treat ourselves nowadays. We take for granted that beautiful vessel of nature, that magic body, which works for us 24/7 over years, without having rest even when we sleep. Kamil is the grotesque embodiment of all those men and women who blindly hate some particular parts of their bodies or the entirety of those, without appreciating the beauty they possess. But Kamil grew over that self-hatred, she learnt to love her strange reflection in the mirror and she wants everyone to appreciate and love what nature gifted them with.

Is Conchita an inspiration for you? Or are there other Eurovision divas (drag or otherwise) that are an inspiration?

Every single winner inspires me, no matter whether that’s a Eurovision, Olympics or World Football Cup winner.

Why did you choose to sing in Spanish as opposed to Armenian or English?

I’ve decided to sing in Spanish, because I didn’t have enough money to buy lyrics in Armenian or English, while the Spanish lyrics were given to me for free by Arthur Abgar.

What are your feelings when performing “Puerto Rico”? How do you connect with the song despite not speaking Spanish yourself?

I get really emotional when performing my song. It’s like the same feeling when you’re sitting in a VIP room in a luxury club in Ibiza, but there’s a moment that you just wanna leave the VIP to go and get crazy with all the crowd. The same is with my song — I’m being soooo EMOTIONAL that it breaks the language barrier.

What wig and outfit should we expect to see you wearing on stage?

My hair, makeup and costumes will be the masterpieces by the most prominent professionals in Armenia. Those are Ani Avdalyan for hair, makeup by Ashkhen and stage outfit by Kivera Naynomis. I told them I need something comfortable to do thousands of selfies on that special day. My choreographer Sona Yesayan showed me the best selfie poses, I assure you!

Will you be performing alone on stage or will you have support? Anything else you’d like to share about your stage show?

Oh, my girls will be with me. It’s gonna be the girl power burning the floor.

You’ve already collaborated with Lilit Hovhannisyan. Are there any other Armenian artists you would like to collaborate with?

When I was broken, sad and hopeless, Lilit Hovhannisyan gave me a helping hand by singing in a duo with me. Now I’m strong enough to give hope and help other talented singers who are not famous yet.

What do you think of your Depi Evratesil competitors? Who is your biggest competition and which songs do you like?

I LOVE my competitors, because they are the best company for me to win. I like the vast majority of the songs, really. It became habitual to poison myself with coffee with Tamar’s poison, when I wake up in the morning. When I’m working out I’m listening to Asmik’s song. When I feel romantic I enjoy listening to Sevak’s song. Mger Armenia reminds me of eternity. But in the end of the day I turn my song on loudly and it gives me winning emotions. I can’t help praising Vahram Petrosyan for writing it for me! Long live Lazzaro’s beats!

Do you think you can win Eurovision?

I was born to win Eurovision!

Outside of Eurovision, what do you hope to achieve in the near future?

I wish I could walk along the entire Chinese wall. It would have helped me losing some weight.

Thank you Kamil, all the best for your performance on Thursday!

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