Selectia Nationala: Feli and Jukebox tease foreign language versions of their songs


The heat is on in Romania‘s Selectia Nationala, ahead of the grand final on Sunday. All 15 finalists are campaigning hard this week, and front runners Feli and Jukebox make no exception. Both acts have revealed that they recorded foreign language versions for their songs and are teasing them on social media.

Romania’s 15 finalists are all hoping to snatch the ticket to Lisbon on Sunday, 25 February, but a couple of them are thinking even further ahead. Feli and Jukebox, whose original entries are in Romanian, are already taking things up a notch and have recorded English, Spanish, Portuguese and even Tagalog language versions of their songs, in order to spread their message across the Romanian borders.

Feli teases “Royalty”

Feli teased the English version of her song “Buna de iubit” via Instagram. She posted several snippets of the song and it appears that she also shot the video in English, along with the original Romanian language video, in the same location.

#bunadeiubit ? Link in bio

O postare distribuit? de Feli Donose (@felidonoseofficial) pe

#bunadeiubit ? Link in bio

O postare distribuit? de Feli Donose (@felidonoseofficial) pe

Feli was invited to ZU Radio this morning and she said that, if she wins Selectia Nationala on Sunday, she would perform the English version of the song in Lisbon. Entitled “Royalty”, the song will have the same message of empowerment for women. Nonetheless, she added that she would keep the chorus in Romanian.

We already know that “Buna de iubit” has a Spanish version, which Feli boldly performed at the live auditions for Selectia Nationala back in December.

Jukebox teases three different versions of “Auzi cum bate”

Not to be upstaged, anther front running act of Selectia Nationala 2018, Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago, have recorded English, Portuguese, and Tagalog versions of their entry “Auzi cum bate”. However, the band specified that, if their song wins on Sunday, they would keep the Romanian version and that the new versions are only meant to promote the message of “Auzi cum bate” for those who don’t speak Romanian, prior to the contest.

“Auzi cum bate” English version

Entitled “Hear It Beating”, the English language version keeps the same message as the Romanian version and showcases the two singers’ amazing vocal and linguistic versatility.

“Auzi cum bate” Portuguese version

Jukebox and Bella already seem themselves performing “Auzi cum bate” in the Portuguese Eurovision Village — they have a winner’s attitude and we’re loving it!

“Auzi cum bate” Tagalog version

Filipina Bella Santiago paid tribute to her roots and recorded the song in her mother tongue, together with Jukebox vocalist Alex Vasilache. We’re seriously impressed with both their dedication and language skills!

You can vote for either Feli, Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago or any other act in Romania’s National Final in our poll.

What do you think about the Romanian acts’ efforts to impress their foreign fans? Who are you rooting for between these two acts? Let us know in the comments!