Melodifestivalen 2018: Mariette wins audience poll ahead of semi-final four in Örnsköldsvik


Third time’s the charm. Or at least it will be for Mariette if tonight’s Melodifestivalklubben audience exit poll is anything to go by.

The fan club polls the audience as they’re leaving the arena following Friday evening’s dress rehearsal. It’s proven to be a pretty handy guide to who could be in line to advance in the actual result.

Tonight, the majority of the audience rowed behind the “For You” songstress. She picked up 200 votes. That’s 26.4% of all votes cast. So far so predictable.

However, it looks like we could potentially be set for a second consecutive week of Melfest upsets. For in second place it’s newcomer Elias Abbas. The “Mitt paradis” singer secured 152 votes (20.1%).

Next up it’s the novelty dansband act Rolandz. The group attracted 121 votes (16%) for their “Fuldans” effort.

Fourth spot goes to musical theatre star Emmi Christensson. Icarus famously flew too close to the sun and went crashing back down to earth, but judging from tonight’s poll Emmi’s “Icarus” won’t suffer a similar fate. She scored 94 votes (12.4%).

If these results were to be repeated tomorrow, Mariette and Elias Abbas would head direct to the final, while Rolandz and Emmi Christensson would have to make do with Andra Chansen.

According to the poll, Olivia Eliasson, Felix Sandman and Felicia Olsson will all be eliminated.

Should the results play out as the poll suggests, we could be in for one of the biggest Mello shocks for some time. Felix’s “Every Single Day” has been met with largely positive reviews since rehearsals began earlier this week and was tipped by many as a potential winner.


  1. Mariette “For You” 200 votes (26.4%)
  2. Elias Abbas  “Mitt paradis” 152 votes (20.1%)
  3. Rolandz “Fuldans” 121 votes (16%)
  4. Emmi Christensson “Icarus” 94 votes (12.4%)
  5. Olivia Eliasson “Never Learn” 75 votes (9.9%)
  6. Felix Sandman “Every Single Day” 65 votes (8.6%)
  7. Felicia Olsson “Break That Chain” 50 votes (6.6%)

Of course, with such a small sample size, there’s no way of telling if this audience poll will play out correctly.

In week two, the poll correctly predicted that Samir & Viktor and LIAMOO would advance direct to the final, while also anticipating that Margaret and Mimi Werner would go to Second Chance.

However, for semi-final one, it wrongly predicted that  Edward Blom would qualify ahead of Renaida.

And last week it only got one prediction right — Martin Almgren for the final. Audience poll topper Mendez had to make do with andra chansen, while fourth place Jessica Andreasson actually secured a place in the final. And despite polling third, Dotter ultimately crashed out in sixth place.

Nonetheless — it’s a spot of fun and has proven generally correct in the past.

What do you think of the audience poll? Do you think we could be in for a shock, or do you think the live audience got it wrong? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!