Poll: Who should win Poland’s Krajowe Eliminacje 2018?


Back at the start of February, we learned the ten acts competing in Poland’s Krajowe Eliminacje 2018. We’ve been waiting to hear all ten songs ever since. But today, with the release of Marta Galuszweka’s “Why Don’t We Go”, we finally have a full house!

The ten acts will all compete in Krajowe Eliminacje next weekend, on March 3. The winner will go on to represent Poland at Eurovision, following in the footsteps of Michal Szpak and Kasia Mos.

As always, Polish Eurovision fans are definitely excited by their selection. Amongst those competing this year are Isabell Otrebus, returning after finishing fourth in last year’s selection.

Marta Galuszewka was coached on The Voice by Poland’s 2016 star, Michal Szpak. There’s also plenty of hype surrounding Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer, with their song “Light Me Up”.

Gromee and Lukas have already had success in 2017 with their collaboration, “Without You”. Could they do the same in Krajowe Eliminacje?

But of course, it’s now up to you to decide who your favourite is. With all ten entries out, you can now vote in our poll. You’ll find links to all ten songs below:

Krajowe Eliminacje 2018 — Finalists

  1. Saszan – “Nie chce ciebie mniej”
  2. Monika Urlik – “Momentum
  3. Isabell Otrebus – “Delirium”
  4. Ifi Ude – “Love is Stronger”
  5. Future Folk – “Krakowiacy i górale
  6. Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer – “Light Me Up”
  7. Marta Galuszewska – “Why Don’t We Go”
  8. Pablosson – “Sunflower”
  9. Maja Hyzy – “Skin”
  10. Happy Prince – “Don’t Let Go”

Those are your ten options: now it’s time to make a decision! As always in our polls, you can vote for as many of the acts as you like. But there’s only one chance to vote, so double check those votes y’all!

We’ll reveal the results prior to the Krajowe Eliminacje 2018 final on March 3. Make sure to let us know in the comments section who your favourite is too!

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