Moldova: DoReDos win O melodie pentru Europa with “My Lucky Day”


Doinita Gherman brought a golden boy. Nicoleta Sava brought four Michael Jacksons. DoReDos brought moving mirrored boxes onstage. Sixteen acts fought their hardest for Moldova‘s ticket for Lisbon tonight, in the National Final of O melodie pentru Europa 2018. But in the end, fan favourites DoReDos won the show and got the honour of representing their country at Eurovision in May with the song “My Lucky Day”.

It all started with just 28 acts, cut to 16 after the live auditions. And tonight, after the  16 finalists performed their entries, DoReDos won it all.

Ahead of tonight’s final, the Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of music unprofessionals – also placed DoReDos on top, with a score of 7.63/10. Robyn, who gave them 8/10, said,

DoReDos are adorkable. I’ve always wanted to see them at Eurovision, and this could be the song to take them there. Like their past national final entries — all written by different songwriters — “My lucky day” combines infectious dance beats with traditional Moldovan sounds. The trios’ voices sound great together and they could do fab things with this song in Lisbon.

Meanwhile, our reader ranked “My Lucky Day” first in our poll as well. DoReDos have gone and won it all, including the hearts of the Moldovan jury and viewers!

The trio did not rely just on the song and their voices tonight. Their staging was pretty impressive. It included mirrored boxes, moved by three dancers who brought even more energy to the already upbeat song. The three minutes flew by as Marina, Evgeny, and Sergiu sang their hearts out and danced as well, making “My Lucky Day” a reality.

Jury scores – O melodie pentru Europa 2018 national final

Jury scores O melodie pentru Europa 2018 Moldova

Televote – O melodie pentru Europa 2018 national final

Televote O melodie pentru Europa 2018 Moldova

Combined results – O melodie pentru Europa 2018 national final

Combined results O melodie pentru Europa 2018 Moldova

As you can see, DoReDos ranked first with the jury (only one jury member gave them eight points — the rest gave them 12) and with the televote, which put them on top as undisputed winners. Vera Turcanu, with a Sia-inspired show, finished second overall, while Doinita Gherman placed third with “Dance In Flames”.

So, after SunStroke Project in 2017, another fantastic trio will represent Moldova at Eurovision. This time, in Lisbon!

Speaking of SunStroke Project, last year’s second runners-up at Eurovision opened the National Final and showed us why they deserved to place this high in Kyiv. They also performed as a much-anticipated interval act. Their performance was full of energy, talent, and epic awesomeness.

Who are DoReDos?

DoReDos are Marina Djundiet, Evgeny Andrianov, and Sergiu Mita. The trio was set up in 2011 as Art Band and eventually called themselves DoReDos, inspired by the first two musical notes. They first entered Moldova’s national selection for Eurovision O melodie pentru Europa in 2015 with “Maricica” and then again in 2016 with “FunnyFolk”, but it wasn’t until Russian music legend Philipp Kirkorov wrote “My Lucky Day” for them that they got to win. Philipp Kirkorov had noticed their talent at the music contest New Wave 2017 in Sochi.

So DoReDos will fly the flag for Moldova at Eurovision in Lisbon, performing “My Lucky Day” in the first half of the second semi-final. Meanwhile, DoReDos are invited to perform “My Lucky Day” at Romania’s Selectia Nationala grand final on Sunday — the first step of Moldova’s promotional tour before flying to Portugal.

What do you think about tonight’s winning act? Do they stand a chance to advance to the Grand Final from the bloodbath that is going to be Semi-Final 2? Sound off below!