Poll results: Kamil Show is your favourite to win Depi Evratesil with “Puerto Rico”


After a fast-paced Super Saturday in which not one but five Eurovision songs were chosen, the spotlight turns to Armenia on Sunday. The semi-finals of Depi Evratesil produced some interesting results. Hot favourite Tamar Kaprelian did not make it through, nor did social media darlings Gata Band. But the field is as fierce as ever, with several contenders for the crown tonight.

Following the second semi-final, we asked you who should win Depi Evratesil. After counting a total of 2,802 votes, drag queen Kamil came out on top. The diva singing “Puerto Rico” received 666 votes, equal to 23.77% of those cast. Our readers think Armenia should mix things up and send a Spanish song to Eurovision. The energetic performance of “Puerto Rico” clearly won our readers over.

Depi Evratesil returnee Asmik Shiroyan was a close runner-up, amassing 606 votes, or 21.63%.

The “You and I” singer was the last finalist announced for tonight’s grand final. In the absence of Tamar, Asmik is the Wiwi Jury’s favourite in the grand final.

She finished a close second to Kamil in our poll and could give the diva a run for her money.

Interestingly, neither of those songs has a strong Armenian identity. While our international readers may not care about that, Armenian voters might. And that leads us to another favourite — who is singing totally in the national language.

Sevak Khanagyan will be performing “Qami”, the only Armenian song in the grand final.

He collected 527 votes — that’s 18.81% of all those cast. Sevak and “Qami” finished narrowly behind Asmik Shiroyan with the Wiwi Jury and that trend continued with our fan poll.

Poll results: Who should win Depi Evratesil 2018?

  1. Kamil Show — “Puerto Rico” 23.77% (666 votes)
  2. Asmik Shiroyan — “You and I” 21.63% (606 votes)
  3. Sevak Khanagyan — “Qami” 18.81% (527 votes)
  4. Amaliya Margaryan — “Waiting for the Sun” 10.49% (294 votes)
  5. Robert Koloyan — “Get Away With Us” 6.53% (183 votes)
  6. Gevorg Harutyunyan — “Stand Up” 6.32% (177 votes)
  7. Nemra — “I’m a Liar” 5% (140 votes)
  8. Mariam — “Fade” 4.07% (114 votes)
  9. Lusine Mardanyan — “If You Don’t Walk Me Home” 2.21% (62 votes)
  10. Mger Armenia — “Forever” 1.17% (33 votes)

All ten acts took to the stage in the jury final yesterday. The grand final will take place tonight at 21:40 local time (that’s 17:40 GMT or 18:40 CET). You can tune in to all the action on the live stream on YouTube.

Will “Puerto Rico” head to Portugal? Who should win Depi Evratesil 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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