Spain: Amaia and Alfred lead “El Hormiguero” to ratings high with stripped-back performance


It’s been a month since Spain’s beloved duo Amaia and Alfred conquered the Eurovision OT Gala. And ever since then they’ve been traveling the country promoting their song “Tu Canción” and working behind the scenes to get their performance Eurovision-ready.

Besides recording the final version of their song, they also show their official music video as well. Judging from the glimpse that RTVE has already given us, they remain committed to the idea of less is more, simple is best.

Last Monday, on the late night talk show “El Hormigero”, the sweet lovebirds shined once more, drawing the programme’s best audience viewing figures of the season. Music, love and humour filled the night…all leading to a memorable performance of “Tu Canción”.

Amaia and Alfred – “Tu Canción” live at El Hormiguero

Two voices and two instruments (piano and guitar) came together for the latest performance. They stripped back their already stripped-back song, creating a more intimate setting for their voices to shine. As ever their tenderness shined through, reflecting their genuine connection to one another.

They also seem to have found outfits that actually reflect their age. Gone is Almaia’s pantsuit from the national final and her prom dress from the OT Fiesta. Instead, we saw her in a simple black top, he in a dark blazer. She provided personality and quirkiness with her gold jewellery and a colourful hairpiece with blue, orange, red, green and white stripes.

Interestingly, the most talked-about aspect of their performance may be its moment of silence.

An ingenious and well-served pause before the final chorus was really effective. It slightly breaks the rhythm and flow, giving the song more dynamism and a bit of surprise. Will they be able to resume in time with each other? Yes they can! Will this pause feature in the revamped version coming soon? Only time will tell.

You might notice Amaia’s voice was quite shaky in that performance — this is down to some recent vocal issues she’s been having. But there’s no challenge this Queen can’t beat…especially with Alfred at her side. That performance has certainly helped their chances of winning…at least as far as the betting agencies are concerned. After nailing “Tu Canción” on Monday night, Spain climbed to 6th place in the Eurovision betting odds, just behind Sweden. Most of the agencies had their odds narrowing at the time of publication.

Amaia and Alfred on “El Hormiguero”

In the program, they also talked about music, love and Eurovision — all with plenty of humour and good cheer.

When Amaia and Alfred were asked about how their relationship started, Alfred looked at Amaia and said: “Well hm… no, well, Amaia I think we said we’d stop talking about this”.

Pablo Motos – the host – politely asked them, “You don’t want to talk about it?” Alfred responded, “We talked about it with Jorge – the producer – and you know? I don’t think so. Why don’t we talk about music?”

The moment was getting tense until Amaia broke it by screaming that it was all a joke! A very hilarious one that made the host jokingly refuse to keep going with the program. But he obviously returned.

The artists helped the show achieve its third-highest ratings of all-time, and its highest of the season. El Hormiguero reached 3.98 million viewers last Monday, which equates to a 19.4% audience share. They actual reached more viewers here than during the OT Final, though OT did achieve a more significant audience share of 30%.

In a country where lots of channels fight to win prime-time audiences by setting strong and competitive schedules, it’s a hit. Plus El Hormiguero also achieved the most watched minute – known as “El Minuto de Oro” – with nearly 5 million viewers at 23.03h CET.

An English version of “Tu Canción”

In a recent interview with RTVE’s César Vallejo, Raúl Gómez – “Tu Canción” songwriter – confirmed they are currently working on an English version of their Eurovision entry. “English is a language that can reach everywhere,” he said. Nevertheless, it won’t be the version that will compete in Lisbon, but simply a way of spreading love around the world.

There’s still no release date for the English version. But Marina Moon – a young Spanish singer who make covers on Youtube – published her offering of “Tu Canción”. And that reached Raúl, who is amazed at such a version and willing to meet her. He also admitted that the English version is not that different from Marina’s personal cover.

In any case, the Eurovision revamp will drop in mid-March, along with the music video. The biggest changes to the song will come in the final uplifting portion of the track. It will be stronger and Raúl says “people will feel that rise at the end”.

How did the song come about in the first place? Apparently it started when Raúl watched them perform “City of Stars”.

“I fell in love with them when I saw them performing at that gala,” he says. “I had the luck to be able to watch them on the 24h online channel… and not all composers have this luck.”

But that’s not all. Raúl also confessed that he wrote two more songs for Eurovision. One was for Queen Amaia as a soloist. It was inspired by her close relationship with her brother – spotted in Los Javis lessons – and the other one was for Aitana. The latter was a dance offering. He hopes both tracks will make each artist’s respective album.

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OT 2017 tour

All sixteen OT contestants are now ready to smash the biggest stadiums and stages across Spain as part of the OT 2017 tour. The OT madness will be hitting Barcelona March 3 and Madrid on March 16. Both shows are sold out – and we can tell it’s pure madness. The organization managed to sell another wave of tickets – not for the show – but for the general rehearsals so all these people that couldn’t get the ticket can still experience it.

The OT tour will resume soon after Eurovision on May 29 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You can buy tickets and see all dates in the following link.

What do you think about the performance Amaia and Alfred gave on “El Hormiguero”? Are you happy with it or you were expecting more? And do you think that pause will feature in the revamped version? Tell us in the comment section below!