Poll results: Saara Aalto’s “Domino” has the best UMK 2018 stage costume


On March 3 she’ll deliver three spectacular stage shows inside Helsinki’s Espoo Arena, bringing life to her stellar studio cuts of “Monsters”, “Domino” and “Queens”.

And Saara Aalto will do that partly through her inventive and outré costumes, which have sparked a lot of talk since she revealed images of them earlier this week. From skin-tight bodices to brightly-coloured leggings to futuristic metallic body sheaths, it was a parade of colour which left our readers seriously divided.

Amid the chatter we asked our readers to let us know which costume they thought looked best. After counting 1,759 votes in 36 hours, we have a result. “Domino” wins the day with 48% of all votes.

The look consists of spray-on leggings that feature an ombré colouring effect, snaking from bright red at the toes to black at the waist. Up top Saara wears a tightly-fitted bodice that morphs from black at the waist to diamond-studded nude at top.

“Monsters” finished second, while “Queens” came third.

Which song has the best costume?

1. “Domino” 47.87% (842 votes)
2. “Monsters” 28.08% (494 votes)
3. “Queens” 24.05% (423 votes)

Total Votes: 1,759

We should point out that Saara is not wearing these outfits to the shopping mall. They are stage costumes, and stage costumes look best on stage. There is a story and a context behind all of these looks which will only become fully apparent when she takes to the stage on Saturday.

Despite that, our readers have been quick to judge, writing off the costumes as “cheap, cheap, cheap” and “abysmal”.

“Clearly ‘Domino’’s costume is best, but she should stick to her wardrobe from her videos!” blondboybc writes. “The others are rather dire and resemble something from a B-grade sic-fi movie!” Marios was equally damning: “All are horrible. She has to slap and fire her stylist.”

Vangelis vt said that “somebody should tell her that Carnival is over…” while Lourdes asked, “Where is her spaceship?”

What do you make of the various looks? Which look best fits the individual song its assigned to? And what alterations would you make? Let us know down below!

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