Poll results: “Monsters” is your favourite to win Finland’s UMK 2018


Three songs, one singer. Saara Aalto is definitely going to Eurovision but with what song? According to our readers it’s got to be “Monsters”.

It’s been known since early November that Saara would be perform this year’s Finnish entry, but we’re finally about to find out which song she will take with her to Lisbon. Over three weeks, Saara released her three songs – one every week – and tonight the winning song will be chosen.

Last week, we asked our readers to vote in our poll and chose their favourite among the three contenders – “Monsters”, “Domino” and “Queens”.

4,522 votes were cast in total and it was the girl-power dance number “Monsters” that is your favourite – by a mile. It received 3,312 votes in total, a staggering 73% of them all.

Trailing way behind in second place is “Domino”. The pop-ballad received 632 votes in total, little less than 14%.

Close behind the second place lies “Queens in third place. The self-empowering pop anthem got 578 votes in total, just under 13 

Our readers are in perfect agreement with our Wiwi Jury – which put “Monsters” in the top with a significant lead and the other two clearly behind but incredibly close to each other. It’s clear what song the fans are rooting for: we’ll find out tonight if the Finnish people agree.

Full results: What is your favourite UMK 2018 song?

UMK 2018 will take place at Espoo Metro Areena in Espoo, Finland’s second largest city that lies about 20 km west of Helsinki. Of course the biggest part of the show is Saara performing her three songs, but you can’t deny that this year’s guest appearance isn’t exciting enough on it’s own.

At the end of January it was announced that no other than the former Spice Girl member Mel C would be making an appearance.

Saara’s winning song will be chosen by a mixture of televote and an international jury.

The show starts at 19:00 Finnish time (18:00 CET) and you can watch it live on the YLE website.

What do you think about the poll results? Do you agree Saara will bring “Monsters” with her to Lisbon? Let us know in the comments!

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