Poll results: Sara de Blue is your favourite to win San Marino’s 1 in 360


We asked, you voted! After 9,079 votes were cast in total, Sara de Blue is your favourite to win San Marino‘s inaugural national selection 1 in 360 tonight, which will be streamed live on 1 in 360’s Youtube channel at 21:00 CET. Will the Austrian singer and songwriter be flying the Sammarinese flag to Lisbon?

The Voice of Germany finalist’s poll win was certainly not out of the blue. After the second heat of 1 in 360, we asked y’all back on February 17 who was your favourite to win the national selection, based on the acoustic versions of each song. Sara’s “Out of the Twilight” dominated the winner’s poll with 2,441 votes, a massive 27% of total votes cast.

Maltese singer Jessika took second place in the poll, with her song “Who We Are” featuring Sammarinese rapper IROL winning 20%, or 1,788 of total votes. IROL has since dropped out of his collaboration with Jessika, replaced in the studio version of the song by fellow contestant Jenifer Brening.

Italian stallion Giovanni Montalbano rounds out the top three in the poll, taking 14% or 1,308 of the votes with his Italian language ballad “Per quello che mi dai”. It’s been five years since San Marino last sent a song in their native tongue: will Giovanni be the one to bring it back?

Sara de Blue’s “Out of the Twilight” is also your favourite studio cut, taking 39% of our flash poll where we asked readers to choose their favourite studio version of all 1 in 360 acts. The lovable Emma Sandstrom’s “Diamonds” and Jenifer Brening’s “Until the Morning Light” round out the top three, with 18% and 9% respectively.

In our interview with Sara de Blue back in November, she revealed her long-held ambitions for Eurovision, telling us: “I’ve been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since I was a little girl and I’ve always dreamed about performing on that huge stage. It has always been a big dream and a lifetime goal for me.” After tonight, she might just get that chance!

Sara de Blue on 1in360: “I’ve always dreamed of performing on the Eurovision stage”

Full results: Who should win the grand final of San Marino’s 1 in 360?

  • Sara de Blue, “Out of the Twilight” – 2,441 votes (27%)
  • Jessika, “Who We Are” – 1,788 votes (20%)
  • Giovanni Montalbano, “Per quello che mi dai” – 1,308 votes (14%)
  • Jenifer Brening, “Until the Morning Light” – 1,081 votes (12%)
  • IROL, “Sorry” – 857 votes (10%)
  • Emma Sandström, “Diamonds” – 424 votes (5%)
  • Franklin Calleja, “Stay” – 344 votes (4%)
  • Camilla North, “Yo no soy tu chica” – 319 votes (4%)
  • Tinashe Makura, “Free Yourself” – 224 votes (2%)
  • Judah Gavra, “Stay” – 147 votes (2%)
  • Sebastian Schmidt, “Stay” – 146 votes (2%)

1 in 360: Global Rockstar Standings

Ahead of the final tonight, there’s just enough time to look at the standings on the public vote Global Rockstar platform. Currently, five acts have received all their funding: Sara, Jessika, Jenifer, Giovanni and Camilla.

Accordingly, all five of them will receive the maximum 12 points from the public vote — a straight tie. With that in mind, the jury vote could be the ultimate deciding factor!

What do you think about the poll results? Do you agree that Sara de Blue are the likely winners for San Marino tonight? Let us know in the comments below!