Croatia: Franka releases her Eurovision 2018 song “Crazy”


Last month HRT revealed that Franka Batelic will represent Croatia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. She teased her song “Crazy” as a mystical and contemporary number — something that we wouldn’t normally expect from the Balkan nation at Eurovision.

Last week a twenty second snippet of the track accumulated 200,000 views in just 24 hours and received positive reactions. And today the full song and its music video have finally been released for you to dive into.

Franka — “Crazy”

The track is a jazzy, sultry number that leans towards the likes of Alicia Keys. Franka commands attention through her vocal, without ever having to over-sing. There’s even a spoken word interlude that changes things up and keeps you on your toes.

Franka smoulders in the music video, with dancers writhing on the floor around her and glowing orbs. Later in the video, Franka takes to the water as a white sheet smothers her. It turns in to a stunning white dress – this is a look, y’all! The strong visual identity — it reminds us of ancient warriors, epic battles and goddesses — suggests that #TeamFranka have a dramatic stage show in mind and on the cards.

In a quote to wiwibloggs, Franka explains more about the track:

“You all know that kind of love. It hits you like a thunder and doesn’t seem to let you go. The unconventional, unusual, unique kind of love over our bodies, our hearts. You all know that feeling when you’re not sure if it’s all real, or if it’s just a product of your imagination. And that’s what makes love so fantastic, so extraordinary. You can try to explain it but the truth is, there are no rules in love, love is a beautiful mystery.”

Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) presented parts of the song exclusively on its main nightly news program, Dnevnik. Franka will also be conducting an interview tonight revealing some details of her preparations for Eurovision on HRT’s third Dnevnik news program. She will also appear tomorrow morning on breakfast show, Dobro Jutro Hrvatska.

“Crazy” is composed by Branimir Mihaljevic, with the lyrics written by Franka herself. The song was mastered in a London studio. Mihaljevic composed her previous single, “S Tobom” and co-wrote the song for Croatia in 2010, “Lako Je Sve” by Feminem.

Who is Franka?

A place at Eurovision 2018 would mark an incredible comeback year for Franka Batelic. At just 16 years old, Franka made her name winning the talent show Showtime in 2007. Amongst the judges of that contest was none other than Jacques Houdek.

Franka regularly released singles throughout the rest of the decade, including her attempts at Dora. Also in 2009, Franka won Ples sa zvijezdama, Croatia’s version of Dancing With the Stars.

But up until 2017, Franka seemed to have left the music industry. She’s come back in style though with her latest single, “S tobom“. The track charted at #3 in Croatia and has put her right back in the spotlight.

What do you think of “Crazy”? Do you think that Franka can bring Croatia to the final for the third year in a row? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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