UK: SuRie’s “Storm” revamp makes landfall on streaming services


Last week brought the “Beast from the East” and “Storm Emma” to the UK. Now, it’s time for Storm SuRie. The UK’s hope for Eurovision 2018 has teased us on social media for weeks about a potential revamp of her entry.

And tonight, the revamp of “Storm” has landed on selected streaming services at midnight across Europe.

SuRie — “Storm”

Available on Apple Music and Deezer

After last year’s very well regarded revamp of “Never Give Up On You”, it’s clear that the BBC are hoping for similar success this year.

Initially, however, it seems that this might actually be more of a remastering rather than a revamp. There’s some changes: the piano introduction at the start of the song is gone, for example.

It also sounds like there’s more backing to SuRie’s vocal, giving more attention to arguably one of the best parts of the song. Whilst it’s maybe not quite as soaring in parts, there’s now an added “oomph” to make up for it.

Ultimately, it doesn’t feel like anything has really been taken out of the track — which can only be seen as a positive. For those hoping for a radically different track, they might be left out at sea.

One thing is definitely a certain: SuRie is winning many fans over on her social media. Her honest, witty tweets have not only been keeping fans updated, but seem to be building her more support too.

SuRie’s also tweeted positively about Belgium’s 2018 act, Sennek, and her recently released “A Matter of Time”. It’s clear she still has a lot of love for the country she’s provided backing vocals for twice before — even jokingly (we think!) offering to do them for Sennek too!

In fact, her Belgian connections were a feature on her social media elsewhere too. In mid-February, SuRie met up with 2017 entry Blanche once more for dinner (along with SuRie’s dog!)

What do you think of the “Storm” revamp? Do you think that it’s a good move by the UK, or should they have left “Storm” alone? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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