Greece: Yianna Terzi releases soaring music video to “Óneiró mou”


Dreams do come true for some people, and in Yianna Terzi’s case, she’s representing Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest. “Óneiró mou” (My Dream) has won her a new fanbase. And rightly so: It’s an enchanting and polished ethnic ballad, and most importantly of all, it hasn’t been disqualified. For all those excited Grecophiles, we have good news – Yianna has released the music video for her entry. More Greek ethnic realness is coming up right now.

Like the song, the video is full of Greek charm and dreaminess. Yianna sings passionately, while dressed in a white robe and trapped in a black room. Meanwhile, an unknown man in ragged clothes chases something across some gorgeous Greek mountains. In the end, the man begins anxiously digging a hole in the ground. He reaches down, grabs onto Yianna’s arm, and pulls her up. Romantic! The video is very well-shot, giving much focus to the luscious Greek landscape, and smacks of tender feelings and artistry. It complements the ethnic but also incredibly romantic and passionate song well. Simple but effective.

Yianna Terzi – “Óneiró mou”

Yianna released the video through social media with the simple message “Good luck to us”. Needless to say, social media is very happy with the result. Much has been said of the scenery, which is definitely the focal point of this video.

It perhaps gives us some insight into how this song will be staged. Wonderful ethnic music combined with the stunning scenery is hard to resist, so count us in.

After four years of lacklustre results, Greece are looking to return to their glory years of constant Top 10 placings. Whether Yianna Terzi will be the answer remains to be seen. But with this kind of momentum and style, Greece are definitely on the right path this year.

So what do you think? Do you like Yianna Terzi’s video? Do you think that Greece has a chance for a Top 10 placing this year? Let us know below!

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